This Is Now A “Do Follow” Blog

Well, the things you learn. I was visiting one of my friend Sire’s blogs (no, I’m not writing the name, but if you click on the link you’ll see it), and he was talking about testing something called Comment Kahuna, which is link building software in general, but it gives you the option of deciding when you want to use “do follow” or “no follow” tags, which in essence means whether you want to give love to the people who comment on your blogs or link to your site or not.

Out of the blue, someone else commented that it was an ironic topic for him to be writing on, since his own blog automatically set comments up as “no follow”. I thought that was intriguing, and so did Sire, so we both asked this guy how he knew, with both of us assuming that CommentLuv was getting us around it. Nope; didn’t work quite that way. What he said to do was right click on a comment on our blog, go to properties, and if it said “external” then it was a “do follow”, but if it said “external no follow” then it wasn’t. I checked this blog, and of course it wasn’t heck! I guess it’s an automatic default in WordPress, and I never knew it.

His suggestion was to go on Google and search for a plugin to eliminate the “no follow” if we were using spam blocking software, which I am with Akismet. So I did that and came upon a nice simple little plugin called Do Follow; can’t get any easier than that. I downloaded it, then uploaded it to the blog, and now this is a totally “do follow” blog; yay!!!

The things we can learn from strangers; thanks Dennis!

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5 comments on “This Is Now A “Do Follow” Blog

  • Heidi Caswell says:

    I’d never thought of using that method to see if links are followed. My blog is no followed for the most. I choose to nofollow affiliate links. There is a cool extension for firefox called search status. Once installed you will see page rank, google, alexa, compete, it will highlight nofollowed links pink (if enabled) and many other features.

  • Hi Heidi. I have that extension, and it is pretty good. But I like the “do follow” extension for WordPress blogs also.

  • Thanks for the comment, Annie. I hope to keep writing and finding even more information to share. 🙂

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