Thinking About Quitting Blogging; The Thought Process

That headline is no lie; I have really been thinking about giving up blogging over the past week or so.

I love blogging; at least I have. I have lots to talk about, so it’s definitely not that.

I like comments, and I’ve met a lot of people I’d have never met otherwise, so it’s not that.

I’ve been wondering whether I’m making a difference or not. I’ve been wondering if I’m channeling myself into efforts that not that many people really care about. A couple of comments on yesterday’s post about people not wanting to read long posts and therefore visiting less often is a part of that as well.

I’m not really into catering to anyone else’s beliefs or thoughts on what it is I do. However, the last thing I want to do is waste my time or anyone else’s time.

It looks and sounds like a pity party, but it’s not. Blogging isn’t the only thing I’ve been thinking about giving up lately. I write two newsletters, and I’ve been writing them for about 7 years now. I’ve never reached a mass audience; my main newsletter still has less than 200 subscribers after all these years. I’ve got enough material to write a couple of books if I want to take the time to edit them; I just might do that.

I’m tired. I’m tired physically, and I’m tired mentally. In just over 2 years I’ve written 653 posts on this blog, and, as you see the stats to the right, I have 131 subscribers; that’s depressing. True, it’s not always about how many subscribers, but I’m remembering a blog post I read the other day about continuing to do things that aren’t living up to expectations. I bet almost no one remembers that last January I made a serious push to increase the numbers of subscribers for this blog; colossal flop.

If I decide to stop blogging, I shut everything down. No sales, no just leaving it up. I’d kill this blog and the others and go about my business. I don’t think I’d be missed longer than a week or so, if that long. And maybe I’d get some other things done. After all, even if I quit my blogs and newsletters, I’m still writing them for other people right now, getting paid for it.

Maybe that’s it; maybe it’s the overkill of writing and coming up with ideas on topics I’ve had to learn to know fairly well that’s killing some enthusiasm for this; I’m not sure.

To keep this short for those who hate more than 500 words, I’ll end with this. I’ll continue writing for now until I come to a real decision, and when I do, I’ll bring this up again. For now, less than 470 words, I’m done with this post.

24 thoughts on “Thinking About Quitting Blogging; The Thought Process”

  1. I’ve been down that thinking process a few times myself but then I just “stay away” until I feel like doing it again. It’s always more fun to blog when things are going your way, like when you have lots of things to write about, pageviews are increasing, nothing else stressing you out.

    Maybe your RSS subscribers doesn’t really increase because you’re “just sharing” and not have a limited niche? I don’t know, but that’s what I’ve been taught. To have a niche, so the right people will find you and stick with you. And yet, I myself am still blogging very broad cause I don’t want to limit myself to just a narrow niche 🙂

    No need to shut your blog down – just take breaks when you need to, and don’t tell us that you’re going to do it (IMHO).
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Gmail Tip: Trick Gmail Into Checking Your POP3 Accounts Often =-.

  2. I subscribe to your blog through an RSS reader (Sage not Sire,ha,ha)but I don’t know if it registers as such for you.

    And personally I completely disagree with the word count naysayers.
    Almost every blog I read has posts as long or longer than yours.

    Stopping blogging is a personal decision. I’ve done that several times in the past.
    It’s really hard to not miss it though.

    I would far rather you post less often or take a break for a week or two than see you vanish completely.

    I like reading your posts. I get value from them.

    And most of all I like you and would miss your input..

  3. I understand Mich, I do. I’ve been down this thought path myself, all the way to free blogging or turning it all into a paid membership.

    I totally see Klaus’s point, and I think we’ve gone over this before. In fact, personally speaking, yours is one of the only “random” blogs I subscribe to…just not the thing for many people.

    Whatever you do is cool with me. Maybe focus more on paid writing?
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..DEDC Updates – What the (Near) Future Holds for You and I! =-.

  4. I came back to your blog again to see what your surprise announcement was about. 131 subscribers is DEPRESSING to you? WHATEVER! I write some awesome blog posts and I have less than 20 subscribers. I guess you set your standard and if you fall short, that means failure. Personally, I still think if you wrote shorter posts, you wouldn’t be so tired 🙂 But like Glen said, I also get value from reading what you write–no matter how LONG it is.
    .-= Beverly Mahone´s last blog ..Mind Your Own Business Boomer Grandma =-.

  5. Wow, I was so not expecting this post. I’m not certain that you’ve told us what is the root cause of your frustration. Perhaps, you can re-brand, or adjust your strategy, but you will need to first establish what is your goal? I checked your website on the Google Keyword Tool and it doesn’t reflect the reasons why I come back to your blog.

    I think I’m drawn to you because you’re a restorative. I believe you like the thrill of the turnaround. Think of this moment as a moment to re-direct. Focus on a few things that leverage your natural talents and avoid spreading yourself thin by posting everyday to multiple blogs, PLUS writing on top of that. What is your criteria you are using to evaluate whether you stay or go?

  6. I think I understand how you are feeling. It also passed by my thoughts some time ago. In anyway, we can always come back to blogging 🙂

  7. I don’t think so may be u need some change. whenever u didn’t get good blogs it puts some stress u get bored . It also happens with me bt taking some rest I find my self much better condition . I love blog bcz it always keep u in touch what is going around u.
    .-= data centre infrastructure´s last blog ..Hot Aisle versus Cold Aisle Containment =-.

    1. Better today; glucose is down. And I did go for that walk, 8PM last night at the Wegmans parking lot. I’m sure that cop trying to hide in the corner was wondering who I was & what I was doing. lol

  8. Hey Mitch! I know, I know I don’t get here enough I always respond via email to you, however… as you know I have an online network in which I hear crickets from time to time, well… a lot lately. And I keep thinking that I want to give it up, why am I paying for the space and I don’t. I don’t give it up. Primarily because that’s my private space there and I know that people who were there since it’s inception come back over and over again. It’s a little bit but it seems to make them happy. I like people having a safe place to go where they can express themselves and I like having that same type of space myself.

    Maybe you need a nice well deserved mind space break. Time to think about things and refocus. Maybe not blog here “as much” but space it out. You are quite the blogger 🙂

    I wonder at times if I have made a difference and … I think I have. It’s more that the topic I may write about make people think or reevaluate things on a different level so they may not have any comments at all. Which is a little depressing for me because I write them hoping to help them and/or get the participation. Course, in the network, it’s all about participation and helping one another. So… I’m right there with you thinking about what I would like to do with it.

    Slack off a little bit, I think you enjoy chatting about all the things you do, I love it. I think too that the fella up above there mentioned a very good point, which is that we … we tend to rate ourselves based on how many people read what we say. I know I’ve helped people… even though I don’t get the responses I used to… so … I think, well.. if it makes you happy to write, DO IT! I think if you want to cut back and do a couple week instead to give yourself a breather, DO IT! 🙂

    I hope I’ve been helpful 🙂

  9. Hey Mitch, I personally like your long posts and I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I hope those comments didn’t get you down for too long.

    Still, I get the urge to quit sometimes too. Usually it’s because I’m tired and I feel like if I cleared some mental space, things will be better for me. So I get how you feel.

    I do hope you won’t just pull the plug though. Because you’re a good egg and that’s why I keep coming back! 🙂

    Sometimes taking a break from it all helps. Have you considered a sabbatical of some sort or going on hiatus?
    .-= lazygirl´s last blog ..Detoxing with carrots =-.

  10. Would hate to see you go. Take a bit of a break and focus on some other projects while cutting down on some of the work and effort on the blog. Consider a new direction or focus. You can make your blog whatever you want it to be. The passion will return in a new way and I believe your blog is one of the best ways to direct folks to your other web interests.
    .-= Iceman Baldy´s last blog ..The Deafening Hum of Google Buzz =-.

  11. I’m fine folks. From time to time I wonder if it’s all worth it, then I remember that it is and usually just move on. But if you read Saturday’s post, you’ll see why it took another step forward.

  12. By the way, Scott’s probably the only person who reads this blog who’s ever seen some of what happens from time to time in person, which is why his response was a bit different. Thanks Scott. 🙂

  13. I don’t think your posts are too long – but I have to say that really I try to keep mine under 2000 ! I would probably have quit too – but once I stopped having a regular posting schedule and just posted when I had something to say – which seems to work out 4 tims a month – I took all the pressure off myself

  14. I agree with some of the others – sounds like you need to take a break for awhile. Come back when you’re ready: that way the blog’ll know who’s in charge!
    .-= Rod@kids portable dvd players´s last blog ..Fisher-Price Kid Tough portable DVD player =-.

  15. I’ve noticed this happening lately. Not sure if it’s something in the air, the state of blogging, personal preference, or what-have-you, but several of my favorites have dropped off the blog scene.

    Stay true to yourself above everything else. Step back for a bit and recharge. We’re not going anywhere. I’ll know when you post again, since I am one of your 127 subscribers. 🙂
    .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..Everybody Wins With Kroger’s Cart Buster Savings Event #giveaway =-.

    1. I’m not going anywhere, Anne. Things are just fine at this point. So, you don’t have to worry about anything; matter of fact, you probably noticed the output never wavered.

      1. You’re right. I was confused when I noticed this was posted prior to the one where you discussed your trials with diabetes. I’m glad you’re staying around, but feel free to take a break when you need it. We’ll still be here patiently awaiting your next post. 🙂

  16. Good afternoon, Mitch.

    I know how you feel (felt) when you wrote this.

    As you know, I’ve taken a giant step back from the blogging world and I’m feeling much better for doing so.

    I’ve closed several blogs (and don’t think anyone noticed) and I’ve scaled back on posting to the few remaining others.

    I want to keep a way to post my opinions and thoughts, even if only a few of my friends read them, rather than give it up entirely, but I know that I’m getting better results by focusing on my websites than on my blogs.

    I have stopped visiting most of the blogs I frequented the last few years, but I always read your posts in email and enjoy coming back here to comment.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks John. I battle my few demons here and there, and sometimes I’ll admit that I’m a bit tired, but it’s never because I don’t have anything to say. But I do get pulled in a bunch of different directions. I just need to be independently wealthy so I can do what I want to do. 🙂

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