It’s time for the annual year in review post. I’m not going to lie; 2016 was one of the worst years in my life. The only year worse was 2002 when my dad passed away. I’m really glad this one’s over, and the best thing I can hope for is that 2017 won’t be even worse after January… that’s as far as I’m going with that.

To that end, I’m going to keep this one relatively short because at the end I’m going to add a video that’s going to end up mentioning what some of my business and blogging goals are going to be in the coming year. I figure why duplicate the process; this is my final week of “sort of” relaxation before I go into full blown monster mode… and I have 2 books to read before the end of the week.

Let’s get to it. Every year I list both my top 5 blog articles based on the number of comments and then based on traffic per Google Analytics. First, let me share my top 5 based on comments:

31 Big Mistakes People Make Blogging And In Social Media 96

The Spam In Our Blogging Lives 58

30 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog 57

Popups Ruin A Blog Readers Experience 57

How Are You? Life And Blogging 38

Next we have my top 5 articles of the year based on traffic, and this year there’s a couple of anomalies. First, all but one of these was written in 2016; that’s a total reversal of how things usually work. Second, three of these are from November! That’s either the result of doing all that work on making my sites mobile speed friendly, which got Google to get off my back, or it’s possibly related to some strange Russian spam that inflated my numbers in December; there’s no real way of knowing so I can only go by the raw numbers. Some of these are already above:

When “Scam” Is A Scam Of Sorts 622 (2011)

31 Big Mistakes People Make Blogging And In Social Media 546

9 New Ways To Identify Spam On Your Blog 518

Hot Chicks Dig Me On Instagram… Not Really… 457

30 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog 355

Also, back in July I had blog post #1,700, which was pretty cool, even if I missed it by one article. Unfortunately, that was my only milestone of the year on this blog since I highlighted my 15th year of self employment on my business blog and never said a thing here; oh well…

As for goals, dreams, and aspirations… it’s all in the video below. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the year and is ready for a much better 2017. I hope you come along on the journey and we all become successful together!


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