Okay, y’all know I’ve never done anything like this before, but I am today. One of my affiliates, The History Channel, is offering the second season set of The Universe (now over) series at a special discount rate of only $19.99, which is a savings off the original price of $89.99. But that’s not all. They’re throwing in the 4-DVD set of the series The Planets; ouch! Click on the above link for this special deal.

I love stuff like this, and when I saw this deal, well, you know I went and bought my set. As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut, and as an adult, I still watch all these types of shows on the Science Channel, and of course the History Channel. Can’t get enough of this type of stuff, and I know it’ll look great on the big Hi-Def screen.

Here’s the caveat, though. It’s only good until tomorrow, July 14th, and ends at 6PM Pacific time, which if 9PM Eastern Standard time; the rest of you will have to figure out your own math on this one. I just got the link today, so it’s not my fault that I’m only posting it now.

Of course, if you’re still interested later on, the link above will be gone, but below is the product, actually the first three seasons together, without The Planets being added, just in case.

The Universe
Seasons 1-3

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