I’m not usually a conspiracy theory kind of guy, but sometimes a guy comes along with a delivery and a message that’s just so compelling that you want to share it.

Lindsey Williams is the author of the book “The Energy Non-Crisis“, and he seems to have been an inadvertent insider, of sorts, on some of the conversations about oil and it’s future way back in the early 70’s, around the time that the Alaskan pipeline was just starting to make a name for itself. He’s a former preacher who undertook a goal of becoming a counselor for the men who worked on the pipeline, and was invited to become a non paid board member, where he heard some of the most amazing stuff. It bothered him greatly, and thus he’s made it his crusade to tell the world, or at least the United States, what’s going on, and offers his own opinion as to what needs to be done about it, but why it won’t be done.

I was fascinated by it, and I have to admit that parts of it are hard to swallow. But he’s got some proof, and that’s more than most conspiracy theorists have, so everyone can watch this and make up their own minds. It’s kind of long, so either watch it in chunks, or watch just the first five minutes and make a decision off that. But if you actually make it through the whole thing, well, it will give you lots of stuff to think about.

As a teaser, there’s supposedly a good chance that, before it’s all over, we could see gas prices between $6 and $8 a gallon; that’s worth watching this bad boy.

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