The other day, when I was saying there were no secrets in marketing, and there being way too much stuff that’s the same, I also happened to talk about this movie called The Secret, and said I was going to talk about it one of these days. Today’s the day.

The Secret came out in 2005, and I actually purchased my copy from Australia before it made it to America. I was in my big phase of self motivation, and had started out with a movie called What The Bleep, which was also a pretty motivating movie that starred Marlee Matlin. I had seen the early promotion for The Secret, and man, from the first sound, I was captured. Here’s the first 20 minutes or so from the movie:

Let me tell you a bit more about it. I’ll go ahead and tell you the secret, since it’s 4 years past now. The secret is something known as the Laws of Attraction. The simplistic version of all of this is that what you believe you’ll attract to your life. The deeper version of this is that the universe is all energy, and channeling your energy in the proper way will bring you whatever you concentrate on.

This can be good and it can be bad. For instance, all of us probably dream of great things, but we don’t all have great things. That’s because what we’re thinking about overrides what we say we want. So, if you say you want money, but deep inside you’re worrying about paying bills, paying bills will be the overriding thought, and that worry is what you’ll bring to your life.

However, thoughts aren’t the only things about this. You have to follow up the real thoughts with actions, whether they’re positive or negative. When you’re depressed or worried, you tend to stay in that world, that feeling, and thus you find yourself having problems breaking out of it. When you can get out of the depression, you suddenly notice your life feels better, and more positive things are happening for you.

Anyway, I’ve now seen The Secret maybe 50 times or more. Every time I need a boost in my life, I put this movie on. It was fantastically produced, and the music and scenes help with the experience. Something else I got that you won’t get if you decide to buy the movie now is the original cut. In the original, Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks was in the movie a lot, but about a year later she asked to be totally removed from it. Someone else took parts of what she said, but it’s not quite the same. It’s still great, though, and you won’t really know what you missed, so it won’t irk you like it irked me.

Here’s the thing about movies like this. Motivation is one of those things where you have to be ready for it to work for you. If you’re in any way skeptical, don’t bother, because it won’t work for you. That’s how many things in life are, by the way. If you don’t believe in hypnosis, you can’t be hypnotized. If you don’t believe you deserve anything better in your life, it will never come. Don’t waste your time; trust me on this one.

But if you’re really ready for something that might make you feel good, something that might inspire you, The Secret is the way to go. There are some fantastic stories in this movie. One lady basically overcame cancer by changing her mindset. Another guy named Morris Goodman was told he’d never walk again, nor leave this ventilator that was breathing for him after he’d crashed his plane, and yet he believed he would walk out of the hospital before Christmas, and thus he did.

Folks, what we really believe, then act upon, we can do. The Secret is powerful stuff if you’re ready to let it take you there.

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