The New Adsense Interface

I’ve been using Google Adsense for years, and of course I’ve talked about the problem I recently had when they killed it from this blog. Still, I’m earning an average of $150 a month from it for my other sites, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

First, let me own up to this; the image is for Sire, who loves the ladies. He hasn’t been as active lately, off doing other stuff, but this will bring him back for sure. 🙂

Anyway, lately when I’d been going to check my daily earnings I’d seen this thing talking about the new Adsense interface, which would give me more information on my Adsense accounts than before. I’ve hesitated for about six weeks, but I figured it was probably time to go for it, especially after checking out the videos that I’m going to post below. What they’ll show is that if you’re already using Analytics that it’s in a weird way an extension of that, only for Adsense instead. Actually, I have to admit that, as I was looking through some of the things it can show you that I was shocked when one of the reports I was looking at showed me that the 728×90 ads that I run mainly on my medical billing site bring in the most money overall. Here’s a 7-day look; click on the image to see it enlarged:

That’s quite illuminating for sure. It tells me that I need to rethink my ad strategy on some other things as well; bigger just might be better.

Anyway, there’s nothing I could tell you that would be better than these 3 videos that the Adsense folks put out themselves, so here you go:


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  1. Hi Mitch,

    It’s great to get tools that highlight information we might otherwise overlook. When you say you may rethink your strategy, does that mean for this one website or for all of your websites? I ask because I’ve always wondered how affiliate sites like Commission Junction can rate the performance of different creatives across multiple publishers’ sites. That would imply a behaviorial slant as opposed to a design slant. That is significant because, while you can control design, you can only influence behavior.



    1. Actually Mitch, probably not on this site. I don’t have Adsense for this site anymore, and though the larger ads would show more prominently here, I’m not sure I want to do that with this blog; but I won’t say “never”. But I did go to one of my other sites and upgrade to that size.

      1. Okay, so maybe in seven days, you’ll know if the change is beneficial? Or does it need like 30 days of data?

        I wasn’t clear on my first question: “this website” should have been “the medical billing website.”



      2. Ah, okay, let’s go back. It’s my medical billing site that the image is showing you; the large ad blocks are working really well on that site. I’ve been running those ads since, well, I’d say forever, but at least a year, and that’s when my income jumped up. but I never knew why until the new interface gave me the extra information. So, I already know that change was beneficial, as I used to run 468×86 ads.

      3. Right, which prompted this post. So, my question was supposed to ferret out whether you were going to rethink your strategy on ALL other websites, perhaps by going with the 728×90.

        I’m curious because I wonder if 728×90 happens to be the sweet spot for banners in general. If it is, then that would indicate consumer preference – a behaviorial trait that you and I can not control. We can only influence the visitors to take the desired action (i.e. our goal.)

        On the other hand, if it turns out that 728×90 is only better on SOME sites and not others, then that would indicate website design synergy, which you and I CAN control. One example is the blended text ads, which enjoyed some popularity as a strategy for making AdSense sites look less like Made For AdSense.



      4. Actually, I think “bigger being better” works more times than we might think Mitch, but I’m not sure where else I can try it to see how true it might be. But I’m looking!

  2. I don’t yet like their new interface just because it shows me my monthly earnings ( I don’t know why but I hate seeing them, I just want to see my daily). But except that little mischief, and the fact that it isn’t customizable (as in to remove the monthly earnings tab 🙂 ), it looks slicker and has more info then the older one. I hope I will try it (if then won’t switch it on automatically, in this situation I would be compelled to use it) soon.

    By the way, if that picture is from your adsense account I urge you to cover your click number ctr and cpc, or you risk having your adsense account banned!

    1. Man, you guys and hiding stuff! lol Okay, it’s hidden; sheesh! lol

      As to the rest, mine defaults to how much I made on that day, so I think you just have to choose which one you want and it should come up on that every time.

  3. OK, before I watch that first video there’s something that I really have to know, and it’s really important to me Mitch. Does that sheila take her top off or a least reveal some cleavage? 😀

    Seriously though, if I knew that was what Google really looked like, the photo you posted, I wouldn’t be winging all the time about them. Come to think about it, maybe that’s why they stuffed you around on this blog Mitch, she was pissed you didn’t include her in your cleavage post 😉

    1. Sire, that’s the entire image; sorry about that. lol The videos are just straight up information; nothing revealing at all, except for the information they impart.

      1. Damn, cleavage would have made the videos more enticing, as it is I’ll just have to leave them for when I have more time.

      2. Dude, trust me, they’re all very short. Then again, just go ahead & switch over to the new interface.

  4. Allan, they do, but you have to go through a bunch of things trying to figure it out, and frankly that would be a major waste of my time so I’m not doing it. And what, that image is promoting them, so I don’t see why they’d be upset. lol

  5. I’ll have to pop over and take a look at my account…don’t know why, but I don’t check it that often….

    1. Carolee, I check mine at least once every couple of days. Something about seeing new money in it all the time makes me smile. 🙂

  6. Mitch – Like the guy in the first video said, “Data Is King”, and they have definitely put most of their attention into providing better data/graphs for adsense publishers to take advantage of.

    I haven’t been in my adsense account in a while but their new interface is certainly something to get excited about.

    The most impressive thing that caught my attention in the last video was the fact you can send feedback to advertisers on why you blocked their ads from running. That’s a great new feature.

    1. That is a nice feature, John, but I have to admit that I’ve never even thought about blocking any ads, though I can see why some people might.

  7. The new interface is about month old and I simply love it. As soon as I saw it, I switched immediately and guess what, it help me to improve conversion few times. Google likes to keep everything in Beta version, but there are also new extras on Adwords with combination of Google merchant. Generally, I think Google is moving all “disjointed” webmaster resources in one soon.

    1. Carl, it’s something they seem to be getting right, and that’s a good thing for those who want to figure out how to maximize income potential.

      1. More than a month since I am using it and with hand on my heart I can say that conversion have improve more than 5 times. Actually there is something else, I participate in Adsense webinar in Asia, so I got some of the latest ideas and tricks.

      2. I’ve never participated in a webinar about Adsense, Carl, but I did buy Joel Comm’s book, which helped a lot.

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