I debated many things when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to talk about with the last post of the year. Did I want to talk about blogging again? Maybe writing? Maybe a rant on some social media event that irked me?

While I was conflicted I decided to address some comments, and there’s where I found what I was going to talk about; comments! But not just any ol’ thing. I was going to talk about the number of comments, as in more than 20,000. Yesterday I hit the 20,000 comment mark on this blog; yay! That’s a lot of people. Now, about 40% of the comments are mine, but I think responding to the comments of others is pretty important, especially when they’ve put some time and effort into it, and that still means that at least 12,000 of those comments are from y’all, so I thank you for it.

I tend to think that comments are kind of the life blood of a blog. True, some people could care less about comments, and they either block them altogether or never respond to any that they get. I think that’s discourteous, and I can’t see myself doing anything like that. I look to things that turn out to be milestones as a way of motivating myself to do bigger and better things. And even though I’m expecting my traffic to slip some over the next month or so, I hope that by keeping up with my content on a regular basis and controlling what my topics will be better that I’ll turn the corner and progress further in the new year than I did this year.

It is in that spirit that I thank all of you that commented and visited this year, and I hope for more as time goes on.

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