Do they still make Zima?

Well, not anymore, as of October 10th. Wait, the 10th; it’s already the 28th, and this is the first time we’re hearing the news? And, of all things, I got it from The Onion first, then confirmed it with the St. Louis Business Journal.

I remember when Zima came out, mainly for two reasons. One, because the bottle was cool looking. Two, because there was a spate of items coming out that were clear, but tasted like something else. I remembered Crystal Pepsi as the bigger, but there was also Clear Tab, Kool Aid had many of their flavors suddenly colorless and clear, and many other sodas were experimenting with the same concept, because I remember tasting clear grape and orange sodas. I’m sure Coke had something also, but I’m not totally sure about it.

One of those strange things about marketing is that if someone comes up with a marketing idea that looks different, everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon. Obviously, as in the case of Zima, it doesn’t have to be a good idea, because those clear drinks never quite caught on (I always wondered if 7-Up or Sprite was starting to take over the market, which made everyone think we all wanted clear drinks), and everyone else pretty much bailed on the idea pretty quickly. Zima hung on, and I always wondered who was drinking it, because when I went out to a club I never heard anyone asking for it, and as cool as the bottle was, I rarely saw anyone with one in their hands.

So, bandwagon jumping isn’t always justified, especially if there wasn’t a true market to begin with. Sometimes a person gets lucky and creates a market, but it’s always short lived. Who remembers Pet Rocks or Mood Rings or Cabbage Patch Dolls? Is Tickle Me Elmo still being sought after by crazed parents? I guess that’s why I like internet marketing. Most of the products are timeless, and information is always needed.

That, plus I can’t imagine pimping Cabbage Patch Dolls.

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