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The Almost Millionaire is a blog written by Brandon Ansel (I wonder if he’ll ask how I found out his last name), and it’s focus, for the most part, is on wealth and financial issues. He has this great quote on his About page that should be a classic: “I believe that financial stability comes about after HUNDREDS of little actions, not just a few big ones.” Long term success can’t be explained any better than that. And obviously, since Brandon only started this blog in September of 2008, he’s planning for long term success.

So, what is this blog about? Money; who doesn’t love that? Some of his articles are about selling products online, as this article on Clickbank shows. Some articles give personal financial advice, such as this article on the Top 10 Personal Finance Tips For 2009. Some of his articles are importantly informational, such as his article asking Where Is Your Cash In An Emergency. Some are motivational, such as his article on the 7 Habits Of Marginally Successful People; this one is a nice kick in the pants for those folks who aren’t giving their all in trying to be successful. And every once in awhile he has some fun with all of us, as in this article titled Random Facts About Jack Bauer (for those who don’t know, Jack Bauer is the name of the main character on ’24’).

I like Brandon’s writing style; even in articles that talk about concepts that might make some people’s eyes fog over, he has a way of writing so that it not only still informs, but is easy to understand.

There aren’t a lot of ads on this site, and I think some targeted ads would certainly benefit him. He also has a blogroll (who remembers our conversation on blogrolls) with a nice list of other financial blogs and website (then, out of the blue, I see Sire’s site and neither of mine, including my finance site; what’s up with that, Brandon lol)? The categories are lined up well also, and all on financial terms. Brandon’s blog is very well laid out, I’d have to say.

The Almost Millionaire is worth taking a look at if you’re interested in learning something about financial issues, including some income generating ideas. And one day, ask him about his music career; I’m betting he’s got some great stories to tell.

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13 comments on “The Almost Millionaire

  • hi Mitch,
    Brandon has a beautiful blog. I love the look, layout, and logo.
    I hope I’m not giving away your secret, but I’m going to guess you knew his last name because the first blog on his blog roll is the Brandon Ansel Blog, and if you click through to it, the picture of Brandon Ansel is the same picture as the “about” picture on The Almost Millionaire. Am I correct?
    ~ Steve, the “Sherlock Holmes” trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Trade Show Zombies

    • Not bad, Steve; pretty close. I did find that blog, but I compared the answers to his 25 things on both blogs and they were the exact same. I’m sure he’ll be pleased you visited. 🙂

  • Coco - Kennewick Real Estate says:

    I wonder if I would be blogging if I was “almost” a millionaire! lol Nice post Mitch.

    Coco – Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog post..I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

    • Thanks Coco. I’d probably still be blogging, especially if that’s what made me a millionaire to begin with. lol

  • Boyz II Men says:

    Mmm the name receives bonus points for being close to Slumdog Millionaire and thus, reminding me that I need to see that movie :).

    But yea, his blog sounds interesting from your descriptions and from a quick lookover, it looks like he has some interesting posts. He won’t replace your blog on my reading list Mitch, but he’ll supplement it at least :).


    • I’m glad you won’t be throwing me out with the bathwater, Matt. LOL It is a very nice blog, and if that’s the only positive thing I got out of my contest (it’s not, but go with me), finding Brandon’s blog, then it’s worth it because there’s some good stuff there. And he just turned 30; okay, I’m feeling really old by now. lol

  • The Almost Millionaire says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the review! I will say this though…you didn’t click on each link on my blogroll, because yours is in fact on there my friend!

    PS…Slumdog Millionaire was great. I spent a month in India 9 years ago, and it brought back tons of memories.

    • Hi Brandon,

      No, I didn’t click on all those links, just looked at the descriptions. And you listed mine as “world’s greatest blog”; I’m deeply honored! And it was an honor to write my review of your blog; congrats for winning the contest again.

      And I’m probably going to wait until Slumdog Millionaire comes on cable; I’m betting there aren’t enough explosions for me to actually spend my money on. LOL

  • hey Mitch,
    “Not enough explosions for me to actually spend my money on…” ? 😉
    I take it you’re an action movie kind of guy? Do you rate movies based on explosions per dollar? 🙂
    If so, I just saw “Wanted”. It’s total action, with the slow-motion follow-the-bullet-through-the-air effects. You might want to check it out as a DVD rental. Fair warning – it’s based on a comic book I think.
    ~ Steve, the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Trade Show Zombies

    • Actually, I like action, but a little less, weird as this will sound, “believable”. Sci-fi or cartoons usually fit my bill. I don’t like seeing a lot of shooting, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like explosions. I saw the previews for that; decided that, as sexy as Angelina Jolie looked in the clips, it would have a few too many close calls for my taste.

  • Make Money Online Tips says:

    I have been a regular reader at TAM and must admit Brandon has some awesome insights on finance and other things. Came to your blog through his.

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