For those of you who are regular visitors, you’ll notice that I’ve added some more banner ads, so to speak, to the blog, as well as changed some up. I want to briefly talk about them, not necessarily to promote them, although that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but to explain why I chose those particular ads. I do this because some folks might not think some of the ads fit on a blog like this; actually, they do, since I’m pretty much all over the place sometimes, but these ads meant something, in a way, which is why I’ve put them here right now. If I don’t mention an ad, that means it was already there.

Let’s start on the left. I now have three products that I created: my ebook, my book, and my CD set. I felt it was time to promote me more on this blog, my own products if you will, so there you go. I have a couple other products, but decided there wouldn’t be close to a market for those on this blog, so they’ll stay on my business site.

I added Resume Rabbit because the economy is in the tank, and there are lots of people looking for new jobs. In the last two weeks there have been over 200,000 people who have lost their jobs. Sites like Resume Rabbit, Monster and Career Builder are going to help a lot of people. But Resume Rabbit is the only one I’m an affiliate for, so that’s what you get.

The Diabetes Store ad is apparent; I’m diabetic, and I care a lot about others who are diabetic. Supplies can be costly if you don’t have a good insurance plan, but sites like this one offer those supplies at discounted rates.

123inkjets offers major league discounted rates on printer ink supplies. How do I know? Last night I bought 14 ink cartridges in a package deal that only cost $79.99, which, if I’d purchased them in the store, would have cost me way over $200; remember what I was saying in the last post on what drives my buying online? And, right now, that ad has a coupon attached to it, so I got an extra 15% off, and it’s free shipping for purchases of more than $55; sweet! This is also a computer related project, so it’s a great fit.

I added the ad because Valentines Day is coming up, and I know someone’s forgotten their favorite spouse. Discounted items are always at I can’t remember who wrote about it, though I think it was I’m With Joe, in saying that one thing most of us internet marketers forget is to target specific holidays with deals that concern the holiday, so that’s my concession; it’ll obviously have to change next Sunday.

Lapworks offers many products for laptops, and since, once again, we’re talking about computer items, and I know many folks who visit are using laptops, that makes sense.

Online Organizing offers products to help one keep their offices or homes in order. If you’re like me, you’re probably sitting in your home office, or work office, reading this. Even if it’s not an office, it’s a work space you’ve hopefully cleared out for yourself. Sometimes we accumulate lots of clutter, and this site will help you find what you’re looking for to get things in order.

SiteSell offers software to help you build websites and programs to help you learn online marketing. John Dilbeck swears by them, so even though I don’t use it, I figure his word is good by me.

eHealthInsurance is the odd entry, and my last ad, but it’s also somewhat relevant. I wrote an article on my Top Finance Blog called The Most Important Financial Consideration Right Now, and that would be having health care. I got this straight from the mouth of Suze Orman, who said on the Oprah Show “I would rather have you drinking water and eating stale bread than not having health care coverage, especially in these tough financial times“. Let’s face the fact that lots of people are losing their jobs, and the costs associated with COBRA can be exorbitant. With this site, you can put together the coverage you want, and the costs will be much less than COBRA. Remember, I’m a health care finance consultant; I know a little something about this.

Now we move to the right side, where there are fewer changes. I added the box of chocolate because, once again, Valentines Day is coming up, and it’s different than the traditional heart. This is an ad from zChocolat, and of course you know I’ve tasted some of their chocolate; good stuff. It will be changed after the holiday.

Down below you see two new 125×125 ads. The one on the left is, and who among us doesn’t have or love calendars (I have two in my office, and we have them scattered all over the house)? The one on the right is for Franklin Covey planners and software, which is obviously specialized office products that also offer, well, extra stuff that’s pretty neat. It’s for business mainly, but can be used for personal reasons also; it just fits.

And there you go. Those are the ads; there are a couple other changes, but since they’re not ads I’m not talking about them. And, if you notice, I didn’t add the text links for each of those products here; I thought that would be a bit of overkill that just wasn’t necessary. Anyway, it would be interesting to hear why y’all chose the ads you did to put on your blog; share if you dare. 🙂

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