Ten Websites I Find Interesting And Fun

I’m learning that folks love lists. I’m the same way, and, for some reason, this post I read on 15 Disturbing Documentaries got me thinking about another top ten list.

Well, top ten doesn’t quite fit it, but I’ve got ten websites here that you probably don’t know about, although I’m sure someone will know at least one or two of them. So, without further ado, let’s get there:

Instructables is a site that has how-to’s of some of the oddest things you probably haven’t ever thought about, ideas and links to free stuff of all sorts, and many other fun things that will waste your day.

How Stuff Works is just what the title says. It’s got a large database of information on, well, how different things actually work.

Exit Mundi is a site that could depress you, enlighten you, or entertain you; it entertains me. It talks about all sorts of categorized doomsday scenarios, stuff that could or could not cause the demise of life as we know it. Unfortunately, some of this stuff is going to happen one day, but a lot of this other stuff is a major league danger that we just can’t do anything about.

Sunsets are one of my favorite things in the world, and this is a site of sunsets. One in particular on this site is from my college town, which was on the shores of Lake Ontario, and is what drew me to this site in the first place.

Quizilla is the site for you if you like taking all sorts of quizzes to either learn how smart you are or about some aspects of your personality that you didn’t know about.

Shoetubs is definitely a site for only women, as it’s all about shoes, shoes of any type. One of the things they have on this site is a weekly video on the latest stylish shoe. In case the guys are wondering why I know about this site, I almost got a contract to optimize it, and it could still happen one day.

Roadside America used to be one of the ugliest sites I’d ever seen. They’ve cleaned it up some, but I still hate the colors. Still, it’s one of the most entertaining sites if you like to travel across America looking for the offbeat, or just reading about things you may never see if you do travel.

Dumb Laws is a site for when we want to feel superior to politicians (which is always for some of us) and see some of the stupidest laws in the country. This one I’m betting a lot of you have at least heard of.

Virtual Plastic is for the inner geek in all of us who have blogs and like computers in some fashion. It’s a site of all sorts of tweaks and downloads for Windows computers.

If you’ve ever been sent something called Frog In A Blender or Gerbil In A Microwave, you got it from Joe Cartoon. Whenever I need a laugh, this is the site I go to, and if I click and watch any movies with gerbils, frogs, or flies (yup, flies), I know I’m going to bust out. Matter of fact, I want to share the link to one of my favorite video cartoons of all time, which stars my friend the gerbil, called The Boss. This isn’t for kids, so if you can get past that, it’s one of the funniest things in the world, and something I’m betting will make a lot of people who’ve been laid off lately wish they could have done.

And there you are; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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7 comments on “Ten Websites I Find Interesting And Fun

  • The Joe cartoon website has to be my favourite one, I have seen the frog in the blender before, but didn’t know where they came from. Could spend hours on that site.

  • John | Professional Web Design says:

    I go to quizilla to detox, LOL. But for hilarious articles, I suggest you go to Cracked.com. Pretty informative and hilariously funny.

    • Thanks John. I actually know about Cracked.com, and figured many other people might also, but it’s good to mention just in case they don’t.

    • Oddly enough, Steve, a nice little goal would be to be able to generate a nice income by talking about all this stuff, and having advertisers decide I was worthy of this being my living. Course, to do that, I need to bump up my Alexa and Technorati rankings, which aren’t going in the direction I’d like them to do, as well as my RSS subscribers; I might have to bring that post back into the fold again. lol

  • Love the roadside america, btw the have PR 6, whoaa ..

    Speaker Wireless´s last blog post..Wireless Outdoor Speakers

    • Yes they do, SW; scary, right? But it shows a site doesn’t have to be pretty to get nice PR.

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