Maybe not everyone knows this yet, but Technorati changed how they do their rankings. And the way they’ve gone, I’m not sure whether it’s better or not overall, but it’s certainly drastically different from what it used to be. And it’s a way to track our blogging proficiency, even if we don’t understand it.

Back at the end of December, I posted that I was hoping my Technorati rating would move up into the top 60,000. At that time I was sitting at 88,000 or so, which was great, and I actually knew that that number meant. Now my number is 491, and initially it meant nothing to me. Even now, I’m not totally sure what it means to me. With the original number, I knew that my blog was in the top 90,000 blogs in the world, which wasn’t bad. Now… 491?

Still, it’s a number to use for comparison, if nothing else. Here are 18 numbers for you. The first set of numbers are the numbers for my other blogs, some of the people who post comments here (check out their blogs), and a couple most of us know pretty well. The second set are some of the top ranked blogs on Technorati that you may have heard of, and I’ll give you their ratings also.

Mine & My Friend’s Blogs

Top Finance Blog – 120

Mitch’s Blog – 415

Wassup Blog – 482 – 453

HSH Associates – 134

Ramana’s Musings – 125

John Chow – 429

Problogger – 657

Top Ranked Technorati Blogs

Huffington Post – 963, #1

Tech Crunch – 888, #3

Mashable – 883, #4

Gawker – 883, #12

Lifehacker – 817, #19

Official Google Blog – 806, #25

White House Blog – 792, #36

Perez Hilton – 771, #74

Freakonomics – 763, #85

NME News – 754, #99

Actually, that last one I’ve never heard of, but it’s last on the list of the top 100, and it’s tied with another one, but it’s last on the list and I wanted to show the number that, if we’re looking to be big time, we want to aim for.

As for how Technorati works? I have absolutely no idea. One thing they’ve supposedly changed is that they don’t only go off the 6 month rule anymore, which is something that irked a heck of a lot of people. Instead, it’s supposed to be a combination of both current activity and its historical strength. I figure that’s the only way that my blog Mitch’s Blog is so close to this blog in rank, since I have more than 65% more readers for this one than the other one. Oh yeah, it also seems that Technorati, when looking through the estimated 112 million blogs (ouch), also now ranks them in categories based on the tags we put on our blogs. I just started using tags without realizing this; talk about timing.

So, we take it for what it’s worth, another measuring tool of some fashion, and we aim for higher ground. Hey, at least we have numbers, right? 😉

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