Well, imagine my surprise when I decided to check Technorati today, after not looking at it for a week or so, and finding that my authority has dropped significantly, which is course means my overall blog ranking has dropped drastically also. I mean, what the hey?

A big part of me is wondering whether this has to do with the decrease in the number of posts over the last month and a half than anything else. I’ve noticed that the number of visitors has also dropped, but I thought it was a pretty good experiment to undertake, especially since so many of you regular visitors complained a little bit that you had problems keeping up with the pace sometimes.

Now I’m not so sure that was such a good idea after all. I’m noticing that not as many of you are stopping by all that much lately, which of course could be my topics, but there have been many more new visitors coming by. Is it possible that this blog’s strength was built more on the backs of new visitors than my returning visitors?

There could be a point to that. After all, returning visitors, if they subscribe to your blog, don’t really have to return at all. I use my Feedreader program to read blogs, and I also have the ability to write comments from there, though I don’t. I don’t know if people get credit for visits from readers, though I believe they’d get credit for the feed. If that’s the case, then Technorati must not count it as true visitors.

And, speaking of Feedreader, y’all know that I had my big RSS subscriber contest back in January, and it resulted in a few more people subscribing to the feed, but since that time I’ve hovered between 65 and 75 subscribers, and since my beginning of the year goal was 500, that’s fairly pathetic.

Of course, part of the problem could be Technorati itself, which has been up and down often for the past week or so, but I’m thinking that would only impact pings not getting through more than them not getting my numbers correct. But I don’t know that; any of you who follow your Technorati rank, what’s it been looking like lately?

In any case, I’m not a happy guy. As someone who always wants bigger and better, being stagnant doesn’t suit me well, and going backwards is unacceptable. So, I’m going to have to do more thinking about this one; what say you?

The Garden Rack & Basket by Schulte

The Garden Rack & Basket by Schulte

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