Sometimes you just might get tired of hearing one person talk about blogging and social media and want to be introduced to someone new. Well, here’s your chance.

Joanne Del Balso actually owns an accounting business, but for the last six years she’s also held many presentations around the Syracuse area on the subject and has videos on her YouTube channel that helps teach people different ways to use Facebook, which seems to get more requests than any other social media platform. That she lives in my area and that we sometimes meet out for meals and ice cream (y’all know how I love ice cream) makes it so much more special and fun for me I must admit.

We conducted the interview below on a live Google Hangout, which means it automatically goes to the YouTube channel once the hangout is over. I have to say that there are pros and cons with this process that I’m going to mention. The biggest pro is having it uploaded automatically so you don’t have to waste time doing it. The bad things are:

* You can’t set up beforehand (at least I don’t know how to do it) whether you want it to go to Twitter or Google Plus or Facebook once it’s ready to go

* If there are only two people you have to figure on your own how to have both faces showing at the same time, as you’ll see in the video below

* You have to do most of your setting up of links or keywords after the video is ready; that’s not a big deal though

See, minor stuff overall, but having the video automatically upload when you’re done is a big deal if you’re in an area where the internet connection is slow; trust me on that one. In any case I hope you watch the video below, which I have to say is amazing in that it got more views in the first 12 hours than my last 4 videos that I did on my own; see, women have it easy lol:


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