Firefox 3.5 Tab Issue

Many of us love Firefox, right? Well, with the new version, 3.5.1, there’s this weird thing that’s been happening. I’ll be going around, looking at multiple tabs, when all of a sudden one will decide to separate itself from the browser and become its own browser.

Talk about being freaked out. The first time I didn’t know what had happened. I finally caught on that it was opening new tabs. But it’s continued doing it, and that’s irritating as sin.

You know me. I hit the search engine and went looking for my answer. And I found it. Seems the Mozilla people thought they were going to be even more creative and added something called “tab tearing” that allows tabs to become windows on their own if you click on the tab then start scrolling with your mouse. They seemed to think that was a good idea; so far, no one else has.

Thing is, they don’t have a fix on their own. So, someone else came up with a Firefox add-on, strangely named bug489729 1.3. It makes me think this might have been a problem for some people beforehand, since this is version 1.3, but no matter. You download the file, restart Firefox, then open up the add-on once the browser has restarted and click where it says disable detach tab. And that’s that.

All is bliss and peace once again; whew! So, there you go; enjoy!

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