Two months ago I posted a survey here and asked y’all to complete the survey and earn some free tips. For those of you who didn’t see it, the survey was about training and how people would like to receive training, and many other questions concerning it. Along with a friend of mine, Renee Scherer […]

The other day I asked whether we could consider ourselves good marketers if we couldn’t get our friends and family to sign up for our stuff, or to subscribe to our blogs and the like. Tonight, I’m going to be somewhat thankful that most of them don’t subscribe. Many of us don’t dare take the […]


I’d like to ask y’all for a favor. You remember when I talked about the process of doing a webinar, then how I put the completed webinar up for sale, which you can also see there on the left in the second spot. Well, my friend Renee of Presentations Plus, with whom I did the […]

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