Suffice it to say, Firefox is my favorite browser. True, there are times when stuff acts up and I’m a little irked. Then again, what works perfectly all the time, right? The best thing I love about Firefox is how you can customize it to do so many things for you. You can set it […]

Anyone with a WordPress blog knows that when you’re in the administrative area you have that one basic color, that color being gray. With one of my administrative tips, I showed you how you can go into the Users area and change the color to blue if you prefer. For someone like me, that’s still […]

For those of us who use Firefox, there are a host of add-ons and other things that we can employ to change the look and use of the Firefox browser. One that I particularly love is called Stylish. Basically, this allows you to change the look of certain websites that you may visit on a […]

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