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Repurposing Your Own Blog Content; Good Thing Or Bad?

I wrote a post titled Repurposing Your Own Blog Content; Good Thing Or Bad?, where I talked about using things you’ve written before on your intended subject, maybe editing it a bit, and putting it out as blog content. It can work well for those people that have written a lot of stuff, as I have, when they don’t have lots of time to write new things, or now have a new audience to see some of what they’re written in the past.

by Cheryl via Twitter

Something I’ve wondered about lately is what the rules are, if there are rules, for repurposing your own blog content. What if you wrote something years ago that’s still pertinent and would benefit from being talked about again?

I’m not talking about this blog, though it would certainly qualify if I were. I’m actually talking about my finance blog, Top Finance Blog. That blog is now over 3 years old and has a lot of content on it. Some subjects like budgeting are timeless; I actually started a tutorial that I never took further than two posts because traffic indicated that it wasn’t a popular subject at the time. The economy was started to get bad, but hadn’t crashed, so to speak.

So, an a subject like that, if I decided to write about it again, how to budget, I’d probably tell people the same exact thing I wrote previously. As a matter of fact, if I were going to do that, I’d probably link to the previous post as well and use a lot of that same content, changing a word or two here and there.

But is that proper? Is it ethical? It’s an interesting question I’ve been pushing through my brain because, well, I see a lot of other people doing it, and often it irritates me. People who will tell you 5 or 10 things to do if you want to write a successful blog, but it’s always the same 5 or 10 things with nothing new added. I see a difference because budgeting taught as a tutorial is a process that never changes, but there’s literally thousands of ways to talk about better blogging, including some very creative ways.

But is it really different in the long run? And, if it’s something crucial, does it matter? Let’s put it out there for a conversation topic; what do you think?

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