22 Things You Need To Do To Help Promote Your Blog Or Business On Social Media

I usually post articles here on Monday morning but I changed up this week for something special… at least for me. On Sunday I celebrated my 17th year of self employment as a consultant; let me take a moment for myself…

social media
Firmbee @ Pixabay

Thus, I moved this post to today, but in its own way it’s a milestone post, though not the one I thought it was going to be. At least I’m writing this post, which means I was able to figure out how to modify a new theme, which I talked about last week.
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The GDPR Paradox

I normally have a new blog post every Monday. Last week I missed it because I was trying to do some troubleshooting within my blog theme. The problem I have with the theme involves this stupid European Union thing known as GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation.

By now, most bloggers and everyone else knows at least a modicum about it. For those that don’t, and don’t want to follow the above link, here’s the down and dirty about it.

In essence, this is a privacy regulation that the European Union has come up with that’s supposed to protect the privacy of the general public. It sets in place standards that websites, blogs and any entity that’s online need to set up to alert users that any information they give you might lead to your being tracked or being sold for monetary purposes (or not) or give information to anyone who might want to track you down.
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Setting Your LinkedIn Privacy Preferences

Last week I was going through Flipboard when I came across an article about LinkedIn privacy. I knew I’d set up my site to protect some of my information, but I never thought much about the advertisements that show up now.

That’s because I got on LinkedIn in 2006, back before they were trying to be Facebook, and they didn’t have advertisements. Now they have advertisements along with the newsfeed, something else they didn’t have a long time ago, and track a lot of other information that I hadn’t thought of.
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How Much Can You Control Access To Your Facebook Information?

Well, stuff is definitely hitting the fan now, isn’t it Facebook? You get called out when the world gets alerted that you messed up by allowing a company named Cambridge Analytica to access all sorts of personal information from around 2 billion people (ouch!), then you get called out because you’re possibly calls, texts, contacts and calendar of your mobile users, and then you went and made my friend Holly mad enough to delete Facebook for good… again. Y’all are in it deep now!

Actually, where privacy is concerned, most of us are in a morass in many ways. Not only us but our family members, some of whom aren’t even on the platform. That’s because it’s all tied into other properties like Instagram, those pages you visit that Facebook is connected to… on and on… as well as our participation on Facebook; shame on us… maybe…
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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide From Social Media

My wife is in a very strange quandary. She’s thinking about selling one of her products online, after going to a women’s business meeting a couple of weeks ago. Her long term hope is to make enough money from it & another product she has so that she doesn’t have to travel for work anymore.

running from social media
Look at the baby lol

Her quandary is that she’s not on social media… sort of. I’ve mentioned her on this blog but rarely mentioned her name. A physician also created a LinkedIn profile for her without asking her permission, but he misspelled her name; that’s pretty funny.

Yet, every woman she talked to at the meeting, then a couple of subsequent meetings, said that she had to be on social media to make any real money, suggesting mainly a Facebook page.

This is making her very antsy, and she’s fighting it tooth and nail. In her zeal to stay away from it, she then send me this video:


I watched it, then said “he may not be on social media but with this video he’s on social media… and lots of people know his name. 🙂 He may not go back and watch it, but I’m betting he’s received email because of his video… on social media!

We started having the “conversation” about whether or not she should be on social media. She’s so reluctant that she actually gets animated and emotional when she starts thinking about it. She’s kind of technologically challenged, so the thought of having to keep up any type of online presence is freaking her out.

Although I’m a fan of social media (who almost quit social media in November), I’m also a pragmatist. I like to think things through and offer beliefs and thoughts instead of solving people’s problems. That way I can’t take the blame when they make their own decisions. lol

What I said to her, I’m ready to say to you, and it started out with this: “don’t do anything you don’t want to do, no matter what anyone else says.”

That’s paramount above anything else you do in life, not just on social media. Once you get that one through your head and are willing to accept it as a pretty good resolution, we get to move on to the next step.

In this case, I told her that there was nothing saying she had to go on social media, but if she did I’d disagree with the chorus of friendly supporters. In my opinion, very few people are actually killing it on Facebook with their products. Sure, there might be a sale here and there, but there’s probably better ways of getting it done.

Humunculus; not a product
but she made it

I also told her that LinkedIn wouldn’t be a good choice for her. It’s for business purposes but in this case she wasn’t going to find the type of market she was looking for. After all, LinkedIn is trying to become Facebook, and since I don’t believe Facebook is the way to go for her product then I have to extend it to LinkedIn.

Her product is quite visual; each item is one of a kind, and when women see it they go nuts. This means her product should be on a site that caters to visibility and sharing; that would be Pinterest. I’ll admit that I don’t know tons about it but I do know two things.

One, it’s visual, and people love to share their pins with others; hard to get better publicity than that.

Two… you don’t have to show your face or even your full name there. For that matter, you don’t have to write a ton of content either. All you really have to do is share your images… making them presentable of course, and maybe say a few words about them. And, in her case, she’s already on Pinterest because she loves going through a bunch of sites to find things she thinks she’d like to buy. Thus, she wouldn’t have to create a brand new account, just start posting some of her own images to generate interest.

After this bit of advice, I ended it with “However, if you’re not going to be comfortable with it, don’t do it. Find another way to do your business.” I really believe that because I hate when people start blogging when they have no intention of continuing beyond a few posts. If she hates adding pictures then how long will it last, which means possibly leaving up images of things she’s already sold (each item is one of a kind; no duplicates)? Wouldn’t that irk a lot of potential customers, and destroy sales?

I thought this was an important post to write and a good followup to last week’s post where I advocated that people tackle a challenge I’m doing this month on a different blog by writing a blog post a day to challenge themselves. Most of the comments were, truthfully, kind of whiny, and most others totally missed the point. Yet, no where in there did I say anyone “had” to do it or “should” do it; I’m not the boss of anyone!

The overwhelming majority of us are somewhere on social media, even if we’re not fully participating. The rest of us “out” some of those people, which includes family members, intentionally or not. Nothing says you have to participate; go do something else. Just realize you can’t totally hide; the internet is forever.

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