There’s Power In Positivity – By Kelvin Ringold

Over the course of just over 8 years of blogging I’ve had 15 guest posts here, the last one in 2013. Except for 2 of them, all the other guest posts were because I asked someone I knew to write about something I thought was pretty interesting.

In this case I’m highlighting my friend Kelvin Ringold, who I’ve mentioned in multiple posts on 3 of my blogs over the years and in many of my videos. Many local people know who Kelvin is, so I figured it was time for him to introduce himself to the other masses by writing a post on his main vocation, which is writing and talking about positivity. I owe this guy for lots of things over the years, so he gets a guest post; for the rest of you, don’t even think about asking. lol

He’ll introduce himself so I don’t have to, and I hope you enjoy the inspirational and motivational words he’s going to impart on you today. 🙂


Good day, my awesome friends. WELCOME to another day of… LIFE!

All things considered, I prefer life to most other alternatives I’ve seen, so every morning when I wake up pain free and moving on my own power, I consider that a really good start on a great day! And the rest of it is smooth sailing.

As you might have guessed, I’m the positivity guy: Kelvin P. Ringold, Prince of Positive, Oracle of Optimism — I’ve been dubbed by my fans. I’m the guy who can find the silver lining for any cloud; find an advantage in any disadvantage, because there’s Power in Positivity, and the mindset with which we face life determines what we get out of it, and it gets out of us. When you master your mindset, you master your life.

When I say that, some folks think that means that I don’t see negative things, that I ignore the pain in the world, that I run around with blinders on pretending that everything is perfect — but that’s not the case. What it means is, I don’t let those things define me. I am not my problems — and neither are you.

There will always be problems, but a positive attitude dictates how we handle those problems. It dictates whether we roll over and surrender or stand up and decide how we’re going to tackle them and move beyond them, around them or through them! Our mindset determines whether we’re going to focus on the problem, or focus on the solution.

Those two approaches are very, very different, and in a huge, seemingly metaphysical way… if we continuously focus on the problem, we will reinforce and intensify the problem. So, for many years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people develop mindsets and strategies to focus on and create empowering solutions. And I have a few steps you might consider.

1. Make a decision

You must first DECIDE you’re going to be positive. The question I love to ask is: how many happy NEGATIVE people do you know? In the past, I’ve said that casually and matter of factly. But the truth is, if you’re not already at least a borderline positive person, it’s not all that simple to make the switch.

We’ve been taught and conditioned since birth — and maybe before — to be negative. Much of that conditioning came from well-meaning people whose purpose was to protect us and make sure we “faced reality.” In the process they scared us, jaded us, told us all about our limitations and why we couldn’t do or be more, so don’t expect it; and since most of it came from people we loved and trusted, we accepted it at face value and it became fact in our minds. But they were wrong — or perhaps better to say, they were operating from a flawed perspective.

We CAN do and be so much more than we’ve been typically taught that we can be, but we have to accept that as a reality and work towards attaining it. So to become positive there’s a great deal of past conditioning we have to override — which we do by focusing on the solution. Once you decide you’re going to be positive, then the work will start.

2. Turn off the News! All of it!

We are bombarded by thousands and thousands of messages each day, and many if not most of them are negative. We don’t “notice” most of them because we are deletion creatures. We tend to tune out things that we don’t need to directly interact with, or focus on to survive, but the subconscious mind still processes that information. NEWS these days is a melodrama. You only hear the bad, usually at a time when you’re eating or having quiet time. They charge it with emotion and innuendo to get your attention and reaction and RATINGS and leave US with the stress & anxiety while the advertisers pitch their products.

Emotion is one of the triggers that the subconscious mind pays attention to, so negative info charged with emotion (like the news) penetrates the veil and is planted in your mind. TURN OFF THE NEWS for 30 days and you’ll be so much happier that you’ll likely never turn it back on again. I stopped watching the news for the most part in 1989. Life is good. BTW… if you can wean yourself off Facebook, you’ll drop another few points of negative input. Just saying!

3. Associate with Positive People. Period.

No better place to learn to master your attitude than by hanging around people who have mastered their attitude. Positive people are calmer and more resourceful under stress, they typically put things in perspective and don’t respond with unbridled emotion, and they are solution focused. They learned to tune out the negative triggers — or at least put them in perspective. Birds of a feather flock together. Check your friends. If they’re all hyper and grumpy… well… think about it 😉


4. Refrain from Negative Conversation — especially negative self talk.

Gossiping around the water cooler, finding out about who did what dirt, listening to the office scuttlebutt… bad for you. Negative. It plants negative, creates suspicion and other negative feelings. Causes stress (what if they’re talking about ME like that behind my back?) Learn to disengage if it starts around you — go potty, remember that appointment you’re late for and get away from that. Refraining from negative self talk, again, is tougher than just saying it. It’s a habit.

You talk to yourself all day — constantly, and most of it is negative. “I’m such an idiot; why did I do that?” But you can at least become aware of the things you’re saying to yourself. Once you’re aware, then you can start to eliminate it. For me, when I notice myself talking negatively to me, I just say “stop it.” Sometimes I say it twice. But awareness is half the battle.

5. Read or listen to something Positive EVERY DAY (this does not include a newspaper — except maybe the comics section.)

You need something to counteract all that negative stuff you’re hearing and thinking all day. You need to read something that says you’re a great person and how much potential you have, rather than what a loser you are. You need to read or listen to things that talk about how people have overcome adversity and won — rather than the latest disaster.

You see, there are miracles happening around us every day! People are winning EVERY day — but that doesn’t sell newspapers (what’s left of them) or news. And the best time to do the reading — just a few minutes — is just before bed. That way, your mind has something positive to process while you sleep, and you’ll likely wake up in a better mood.

Another good practice, is to pick at least one thing — and preferably 3 to 5 things — that you are grateful for that happened in your day. If nothing that day, go back in your mind until you find something to be grateful for and let that be on your mind as you go to sleep also. If you need some practice on the gratitude, I did a personal list some months ago. Maybe it will seed your thoughts.

6. Do Something Nice for Someone — and don’t let them know it was you 😉

I don’t have to explain that one. You felt good just thinking about it, didn’t you?

7. Here’s a BONUS!

Get the song “I Just Want to Celebrate” by Rare Earth in MP3. I defy you to listen to that song and not get energized. It’s $1.29 on Amazon (that’s an affiliate link, so if you actually buy it there, they might send me a nickel.) Or you can check it out on YouTube. It’s my goto pick- me-upper.

8. And, I admit, I do have one other favorite you might like. You might consider subscribing to my Daily Dose of Positive called “Vitamin K Daily” A positive message each morning, Monday through Friday, designed to be read in 2 to 3 minutes (usually) to give you an empowering start to your day. It’s $24.95 a year but you get 4 weeks free to check it out and you can unsubscribe in like two clicks, if it’s not for you. You’re not billed until the 4 weeks is up.

Experts say is takes 14 to 21 days to create a new habit. Follow this positivity recipe for 14 day days, and chances are you’ll never stop. Make a habit of being positive, and I promise your world will change.

Have an awesome day!

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5 Rules Of The Laws Of Attraction

In 2006 the movie The Secret, there was a lot of talk about the overall premise, which is the laws of attraction. I had actually written more specifically about it a day before on my business blog. It’s actually that post that leads me into talking about it today.

JocelynLehman via Compfight

I wrote both of those posts in 2009. Over the years, I’ve worked on applying the concepts to many parts of my life. I’ve had some successes with it and some negative things because of it. Yes, I blame both on the laws of attraction, but nothing overly metaphysical, which both the book and the movie alluded to a lot.

To begin with, I do believe in the laws of attraction. I believe it in the way that I believe that good begets good and bad begets bad. In that, I mean that if you think positively about things you bring positivity to you more often than bad, and if you think negatively you bring negativity to you more often than good. Sure, every once in a while something happens that counters each of these things, but based on people’s patterns of thinking they’ll soon go back to the way things were before because, when all is said and done, if you have a pattern of thinking one way you tend to fall back into that pattern without thinking about it.

Whew, that was a mouthful! By now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this article. If you were paying attention to my little marketing push from last week you know that I talked a lot about changing my business model and asked people to give me their thoughts on what they’d like to learn from me that they might consider paying for.

I went into it knowing that I wasn’t going to get what I was asking for as far as the numbers go. However, that wasn’t the real reason I did it.

I did it because I needed to change my mind’s focus, and in my own way I decided to use a laws of attraction principle to help me do it. This leads me into being able to talk about some specific types of rules concerning the laws of attraction, especially as they pertain to me. So, let’s get started.

1. You must establish a reason for wanting to change.

The reason this part is important is that it helps you to bring focus to what it is you want in your life. Not only that, but the laws of attraction don’t pay as much attention to whether what you’re thinking about is positive or negative, good or bad… just what you’re thinking about more than anything else.

In my case, I decided it was time to think of my business in more positive terms, because I have to admit I’ve been pretty negative about how things have been going over the last bunch of months. So, the reason I wanted to change is because I wanted to work from a positive point of view; who doesn’t want more positivity in their lives? So, I thought about how I wanted a mind shift, and last week was a big part of pushing my thoughts towards the good side of things.

Oh yeah; it’s working. 🙂

2. You want to have a working goal; it doesn’t have to be overly specific.

If you checked out any of last week’s posts on any of my blogs, you saw that I had a lot of options for what I would create as well as options on how I could deliver them. The overall working goal is that I want to create more products and set myself up for doing more live presentations, since my dream is to be a professional speaker when I grow up.

You know, I keep saying that previous sentence over and over but the reality is that I’m already a professional speaker; I’ve just been out of the game for a few years. So, this is a goal that I know is attainable.

The reason you don’t have to be overly specific is, as The Secret mentions, you never really know how things will manifest themselves, no matter how much you put into things. For instance, I could create what I consider to be the perfect package on a specific topic and not sell one because of factors I can’t control. At the same time I could create something that was more work than pleasure that could sell tons.

This means the only thing I can control is the creation of the packages and the delivery system; that leaves a lot to chance. However, we address that with the next rule.

3. Establish something that you “know” will make you happy.

Something I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks is the language I use when I’m writing on all my blogs. Over the years, I tend to use language that’s not overly forceful or definitive; like this sentence. lol

I’ve always tried to be more realistic in my language and things I say. If I could guarantee something, then I’d say it; otherwise, I’d hedge my bet by saying things like “if you try this thing out you “might” become more proficient…” That’s encouraging isn’t it? Not even close! I’m betting you’d be more impressed if I said “if you do this you will become more proficient…” I actually owe this change in language to something Lynn Terry told me a couple of months ago when I first started marketing my latest book on leadership, Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy.

As soon as I started thinking about creating products based on things I know and working more on getting speaking engagements and doing live presentations… I started feeling happier than I had in a long time. I have a long way to go of course but feeling better means I’m moving in a positive direction… I think I’ve beaten that horse enough already. lol

4. Open your mind to allow outside factors positive access.

Last week I wrote 15 posts, which I distributed between 4 blogs. I offered 9 major topics of discussion and 6 methods of delivery for people to choose from. Yet, something that happened is that 3 people who voted asked for me to deliver a YouTube option, which I hadn’t included.

This kind of threw me off because I’d had problems sharing private videos in the past and hadn’t even tried to broach the subject again. However, since I was asked I decided it was time to do some research to find out how I could do it. I found out it’s a pretty simple thing to do (knowledge is always nice!), so I added it as an option to all the blogs for the final posts.

Learning something new and finding it could work well for me was a very positive experience. If I hadn’t kept my mind open to it then it’s possible that others who might have wanted it that way would have been left out of the loop, I might have hurt sales, and I wouldn’t have learned something that made me smile.

5. You’ve got to do the work!

One of the major criticisms of the movie The Secret is that it seemed to be telling people that all they had to do was think about things and those things would come to them. Well, if one only paid attention to the visuals that’s what they’d have gotten.

Yet, on more than one occasion someone said you couldn’t just sit around thinking about things and hope they’d come. You had to work towards what you wanted, while being open for it to manifest itself in ways you weren’t expecting.

To that end, last week I started working on outlines for two of the things I’m looking to create. I spoke to a few people locally about wanting to put on some presentations… hopefully paid. I got some ideas, but the truth is that I wanted to get a feel for how people thought about me locally; I’ve been out of the game for a long time here.

I also read a book by one of my friends about how to get more paid speaking opportunities. We briefly talked also. I met up with another friend who passed along the name of someone who helps people get speaking gig; yay! And I sold another book as well; yay again!

And, of course, I had 15 posts marketing the topics and concept throughout 4 blogs, but also wrote two other posts, worked on a couple of my websites, and realized that I needed to market my other products and speaking topics more.

You know what? I worked a lot last week, and I plan on working a lot this week… though it’ll probably start either Monday afternoon or Tuesday, as I have a lot of other stuff to catch up on. However, I’m ready to put in the work, and when I’ve finished something… I’m ready to market it.

Those are my thoughts on it all; what are yours? Are you ready to try to do something similar, or are you going to wait around to see what I can do?

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5 Lessons On How Not To Let Others Try To Run Or Ruin Your Life

Sometimes the only way you can begin to offer tips on how to do or not do something is to start with a story. This is one of those times, and I hope you hang in through the story so we can get to the tips.

Creative Commons License Vinoth Chandar via Compfight

On Facebook at the beginning of the week I came across an image that someone had put up. The image shows a black woman and a white woman next to each other, although in two different pictures. Both pictures were mugshots, and both of the women had been arrested for some kind of child abuse.

The child abuse the black woman did was to leave a six-year-old and a two-year-old child in the car while she went into an establishment to interview for a new job. The child abuse the white woman did was to be stoned, drive her car down the road with her six month old baby in the baby carrier on top of the car. At some point the baby carrier fell off the car and into the street.

Both of these women lived in the same state, Arizona, one in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale. If you’ve ever been there, you know it’s pretty much the same city. What happened to the black woman is that she’s going to trial and had her children taken away from her. What happened to the white woman is that she got probation and got to go home with her child.

It’s possible that there are extenuating circumstances, but on the surface it looks like obvious racism. Obviously the two different judges didn’t see things the same way, and that’s an indictment on the justice system.

Everybody who reads this blog may not know that along with speaking on the topic of leadership, which is highlighted by the book to the left called Embrace The Lead, I also speak on diversity topics. I have spoken on racial diversity, succession planning, and the rights of women in the workplace and sexual abuse. I happen to be one of those people who, when I see issues that have to do with “isms”, I will comment on them in some fashion, even if my only comment is passing along what I’ve seen.

Thus, when I saw this picture I decided to share with folks who I’m connected to. I didn’t add any extra commentary to it, but I thought it was important enough to share.

I happen to be quite liberal in my politics, but I have a few friends on Facebook who are more conservative. One of the ladies who responded had a point of view that I could take into account and think she might be right. The other lady however… well, she decided to tell me that I shouldn’t be sharing things like that and that all I am doing is stoking the flames of racism because I’m always talking about it.

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile :-)
Rakesh JV via Compfight

One of the rules of talking about diversity is that you can’t be afraid to bring up topics that some people might not want to talk about. Many people get uncomfortable when you talk about these things, and for whatever reason they can’t keep their mouths shut and just roll with the punches. Instead, they feel the need to try to justify themselves by inserting their opinions, which are always counter to the other opinions, and showing themselves for what they are.

That might sound harsh, but it is what it is. Not everybody who has a differing opinion expresses themselves in the same way. I like to think that for the most part when I have a differing opinion I choose my words carefully so that we can at least debate an issue without it becoming overly divisive; doesn’t always happen I’ll admit.

That didn’t happen in this case. One of the things I don’t cotton to is having anybody tell me what I should or should not do, especially if I didn’t ask them, and if I feel they have no idea what they’re talking about. I didn’t make it into my mid 50’s just so people can condescend to me. Anybody telling me what I can or cannot share in my own space is going to hear from me, and maybe a bit more vociferously than I need to be.

In this case, after I responded to her, she decided to go on a diatribe and say that I had no right to say anything if I wasn’t doing anything to try to change things. Once again, even though this is someone I’ve known for a long time, she obviously had no idea of the types of things I’ve done in my life and do now. I expressed that in my response to her, as well as asked her if any of the things I have experienced in my life that proved that there was racism in this country meant nothing to her and that they shouldn’t mean anything to me.

Her response was to say that obviously I was dismissing her and that we couldn’t be friends anymore. Then she decided to leave me a private message to tell me how disappointed she was in me and my promotion of racism. I have to admit I was expecting it, and I almost dropped her a month ago for the same type of thing; oh well…

Peter Michaels
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I let her have the last word because she’s someone from another country who had a horrible experience at one point in her life, came to the United States and made a nice life for herself. She obviously has no idea exactly what racism is in America and how people like me and people in my situation don’t have the opportunity to be racist towards anybody in the United States. If you don’t believe me just go look it up for yourself.

As a point of reference, I would love for you to check out this story I told many years ago I my business blog about an encounter I had while having a witness, who never believed me when I told her about racism I encountered, saw it for herself, titled Am I An Invisible Man. Sometimes racism isn’t quite as subtle as it seems to be.

In any case, this leads us to five lessons I’d like to give you on what not to let people tell you what to do on your blogs or in your life. I need to offer a caveat, that being if you’re reading a blog or an article that’s giving you suggestions on how to live your life better, that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with someone, whether it’s in person or via e-mail or any other medium, and you didn’t ask for their opinion.

Now, if someone’s giving you an opinion because your life is going down the toilet, that’s another caveat, but in a way you might have asked that advice. In general terms, these are five lessons, or five things you shouldn’t let people tell you what to do.

1. Don’t let anyone tell you what to write on your blog. Last year I wrote the post about a friend of mine who was being bullied about her blog; I had her back.

I’ve given people advice on this blog over the years on the types of topics they may not want to address if they don’t want to deal with controversy. That’s general advice to the masses, not specifically directed at any particular individual. Write on anything you want to write on, as long as you’re willing to deal with the consequences.

Bossman Goes Down!
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2. Don’t let anyone tell you who to be friends with, or who to hang out with. I’m very picky on who I allow myself to call a friend, and I’m that way for a reason.

To me, a friend is someone I have something in common with who I can pretty much talk about anything with. A friend allows me to be me and allows me to have other friends and other interests. The friend doesn’t control what you do or what you do with others unless you ask them for advice. Those are people who don’t want you to be anything except what they want you to be, and none of us needs to be with people like that.

This lady was never a friend but a nice acquaintance. I actually met her in person when I was in Florida for a conference. If I won’t take that from anyone I consider as a friend, why would I take it from anyone else?

3. Don’t let anyone who hasn’t already succeeded at something or even tried and not succeeded give you advice on what to do unless you want to learn what not to do. One of the most common themes I see on a lot of blogs is where the writer talks about mentioning to someone else that they wanted to either work for themselves or wanted to try blogging for a living, and how the other person put them down for their dream. You can believe that none of those people who put them down ever even read a blog, let alone tried to write one.

There are times when all of us asks the wrong person for advice about something they have absolutely no clue about. Most of the time their advice is negative because those folks don’t have any experience with it, and have no idea how to support you when you present certain things to them. Even if they’re trying to let you down nicely, their words aren’t ever helpful.

I tend to believe there are people who can give you advice on almost any topic and not kill your dreams because they have common sense knowledge. I also believe that a lot of people don’t look to those folks, and instead look to someone who they hope is going to put down their dream because they’re not confident enough in themselves already.

Don’t do that to yourself. You may not be able to do everything you want to for one reason or another, but you can probably do pretty well, especially if you research, invest the time, and give it the very best you can.

By the way, you’ll often hear motivational speakers talk about “failure” or failing. People only fail if they quit too early. Everything else is an experiment; you try things, then you try again if they didn’t work how you wanted them to work. A change in perspective can be a strong thing.

4. Don’t let people hold you down by finding ways to keep you from going for your dreams. The other day I did a video, which I’m going to include below, where one of the things I said is that you don’t have to give up your friends in order to succeed. However, you might have to change your behaviors with some of those friends who don’t offer you support in trying to better yourself or achieve your dreams.

If you do end up dropping some of your friends, realize that it’s not your fault that things are changing, because a true friend would wish nothing but the best for you and try to help you get there in whatever way possible that they could, including giving you time and space to work on your dream.

5. Although this is difficult, try not to get caught up in someone else’s drama. The other day on Facebook, I could have gotten vicious and really made things ugly across the board. However, I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t want to continue making everybody else uncomfortable.

As you’ve seen on this blog, overall I’m a pretty positive kind of guy. There are people who will be negative no matter what the issue is. Sometimes their negativity can affect you, and it’s never in a positive way. Sometimes it’s directed at you, sometimes it’s not. But it always drains you, takes away a part of your soul, and that’s no way to live.

When drama is a consistent thing, you need to take stock of your life and decide if you want to feel bad, if you can handle someone else’s drama and be there for them, or if you need to step away and work on yourself. When it’s intentional drama and you keep getting caught up in it… I just can’t imagine that anyone can be happy with that for long.

If there’s a person among you who’s content with an unhappy life, I wish you well. If you have dreams and inspirations, don’t let the proverbial “man” keep you down. Get help, get motivated, get planning, get moving, and get it done.

Whether it’s blogging, life, love or dessert (hey, someone had to say it), live life your way. If you need help doing it… just read some of this again, or watch one of my motivational videos.

And while you’re at it, check out the one below:


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We Are What We Consume; Not Talking About Food…

I probably can make the connection to the phrase “we are what we eat”, this post isn’t about food, although as I’m sitting here writing this I’m also thinking “I wish I knew where I could get some good cookies besides heading to the store for some mint Oreo’s”. Such is my life. 🙂

Mamma Mia.  りんご娘のライブ コンサート.  Over  4,500 visits to this photo.
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As I’ve probably stated multiple times in the last 10 months, I’m presenting working a consulting assignment out of town. This basically means that I’m showing up in an office and working at least 8 hours each day. Because I’m not working in a leadership capacity, it’s basically the same thing every day, and, well, my mind doesn’t work like that because it likes diversity of work. Sure, I get to basically create a lot of my own work, but it’s dull, mundate stuff, though necessary.

The lucky thing about living in the 21st century is that we have all these different things we can take with us to work to watch & listen to, although folks frown on your “watching” stuff per se. However, you can listen to a lot of stuff, and I’ve always enjoyed documentaries so it’s a great time to catch up on a lot of things I’ve never seen. YouTube is a lifesaver… or is it?

I was going along pretty well there for a time until I noticed that my mood had started to change. I wasn’t feeling all that happy mentally, and it was extending outside of the office. Frankly, being out of town all by myself is pretty lonely, and yet I was starting to embrace the loneliness as a shield and didn’t want to bother with anybody, even on the weekends. I wasn’t getting depressed, but I was getting a little bit paranoid.

Then I figured it out. The documentaries I was partaking in were, for the most part, about the darker aspects of human life. There are lots of documentaries on serial killers, gangs, drugs, despots and dictators, death, murder… in other words, there’s lots of negativity that looks like information we all need or might crave.

I liked this stuff because I was learning a lot… of useless stuff. Sure, we all need to be careful of our surroundings and watch out for nefarious characters, but we also need to be ready to enjoy life a bit; wouldn’t you agree?

I decided I had to change up a bit. I started looking for comedians and funny stuff. I started listening to more motivational speakers and those TED talks that are pretty popular. I love Neil deGrasse Tyson so I started listening to everything I could find with him in it, as well as a lot of science stuff, mainly astrophysics; I’ve always been fascinated by things like that.

I also decided to go back and listen to some of my own videos on my two channels, something I really hadn’t done much of because, like blog posts sometimes, once they’re written it’s often on to the next thing. A couple made me cringe, but many of them just made me laugh, even the serious stuff; sometimes even I wonder how I come up with the things I talk and write about.


What happened? I started feeling good again mentally and even the boring work took on a different feel. I found things to laugh about that may have only been funny to me, but it’s a better state of mind than where I was, and truthfully it’s a state of mind that I strive for most of the time.

But I went further than that. There were some people I was following on Twitter who kept up the negative stuff, even if it was stuff I agreed with. I’m a liberal in my politics, but there’s just so much conservative bashing one can take without getting riled up. I don’t follow any conservatives on Twitter, so no problems there.

On Facebook, because of F.B. Purity (come on, y’all aren’t using this yet?), I block a lot of stuff but some gets through via images. If I kept seeing the same thing from certain people I just stopped following them, because my closer friends don’t put that stuff out all the time. I don’t really mind the occasional thing, but 24/7? Who can mentally be in a good place putting stuff like that all the time?

I like this blog, I’m Just Sharing. You know why? Because I vacillate between happy and serious stuff, teaching stuff, opinions and the like, but overall I think the tone of this blog is more towards the uplifting, motivational side. I think that when one’s mind is in the right place, their writing style improves and, hopefully, others can read their words and know that even when there are complaints it’s coming from a place of love and joy, such as my post on commenting courtesies.

Think about your own life for a bit. What types of things are coming into your life on a daily basis? Is it positive stuff that makes you feel good? Are there a lot of things that you deal with that make you feel bad? Are there things you can change to help change your mindset towards more positive feelings, even if they’re small changes? In the long run, doesn’t everyone really want to feel happy at least most of the time?

Do you need more? Then check out this post on ways to reach your own personal Super Bowl that I wrote 2 years ago; just something to think about that may help you on your way to feeling better.

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