This post about the Limit Login Attempts plugin for WordPress blogs was initially written back in 2009. However, at that time I didn’t really talk all that much about how it worked or its settings, nor did I put images on my blog back then. This is one of those things where, based on a […]

By now, almost everyone should have heard about the hacking of the adult cheating site Ashley Madison. Because the hackers decided to release all the information online (actually, I have no idea where they released it because I didn’t care), it’s caused a lot of grief and scandal and a few suicides; come on now, […]

All of us have heard these tales of someone finding out that their email or website or blog or whatever has been hacked into by some nefarious rogue (you know, sometimes my language is just so strange!), taken over, and that’s that. Sure, you can recover, but it can be a hassle and a mess. […]

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