By now, those of you who have read this blog understand that I love my animation. I love old Bugs Bunny cartoons the best, but I have to say that there are some modern cartoons, rather animation, that I’m just drawn to (hey, a pun!) for reasons I never really understand. But like most everyone […]

Back in August I wrote a post introducing the latest motivational movie called Being In Heaven. I hadn’t bought it, but they had contacted me out of the blue offering me the opportunity to be on the front lines as an affiliate in helping to spread the word. Of course I jumped at the chance […]

Last weekend I mentioned that I couldn’t wait for Friday night because I was going to see the movie Skyline. Well, my friend Scott and I did go see this movie last night, and I decided to write a review of it without giving any of the plot away… I hope. Truthfully, we knew we […]

You know, sometimes I feel like I just know how to call a movie that’s not only going to be good, but is also going to be popular. Such is the case with the new movie How To Train Your Dragon. Okay, so I’m a big kid at heart; I loved this movie! It’s the […]

I wrote my first book in 2003. I wrote my first ebook in 2008. I’ve had lots of people read my first book, and only got a few testimonials. I haven’t had as many people read the ebook, but those that did gave me a testimonial I could use. Well, now I feel as though […]

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