Okay, this is a cheapy, but hey, as the title says, I love stuff. In this case, John Chow found a link to a site called Market Leverage that’s having some kind of special promotion and is giving away free stuff. Some of it is standard logo stuff, but the two big prizes are the […]

It would seem that, sometimes, even the big boys, the ones who really know what they’re doing, might make a misstep. I subscribe to a weekly newsletter written by a lady named Lynn Terry called Self Starter Weekly Tips, which gives tips on internet marketing; I’m always trying to learn more from someone who’s already […]

I’ve written a new ebook titled Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool. Going to that page will allow you to put your name on a mailing list for the launch, which will be on Monday. Who’s the book for? Well, check out the page! Actually, what I’m doing is known as a product launch […]

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