CEOs Should Blog And Why You Should Too

Thomas Quinn was the former CEO of Community General Hospital in Syracuse, NY. For 4 years he had a personal blog where he talked about community developments his hospital was a part of, highlighted positive things employees and physicians did, and talked about philosophical and health care issues such as compassion. I always enjoyed reading it, especially since it was a local hospital, and I liked knowing what was going on.

Me, the CEO

When he was needed the most was the final year he was CEO, which was also the final year that the hospital was a standalone, before it merged with University Hospital. While many hospital executives might have tried to keep the news quiet for fear of what the community might think about them, Quinn was front and center in talking about what was going on with the merger, with the unions, about the employees and how they were trying to save all jobs, and of course with his personal thoughts about why the hospital needed to move in this direction.
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Keys To Leadership

Back in November, I wrote about my first book Embrace The Lead, and of course I’ve talked about my other book, my ebook Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool a bunch of times here. These are the first two products I have on the upper left there.

The third product I have, it seems that I’ve never mentioned it on this blog, which is astounding for me, with all the posts I have. It deserves a mention, as I’m as proud of it as I am the other things, and it comes with a better story.

It’s called Keys To Leadership, and it’s my two CD live seminar series that I recorded in January 2004, here in the Syracuse area. Of course, as you now know, nothing comes easy for me, even those things that should be really easy. If they did, I’d never have stories to tell. Let me tell you the story about these CDs, after I tell you briefly about the CDs themselves.

The first CD is called What Makes Leaders, and in this presentation I talked about stories that highlighted what I felt leadership is all about. The second CD is called Communications/Nine Direct Management Points, and it obviously begins with my talking about the art of having good communication skills, followed by nine points I feel are needed in order to be a good manager, with mini stories of course. If there’s anything I’m pretty good at, it’s telling a story.

And hence, the brief story of this series. The one thing you should never do when you live in the Syracuse, NY area is schedule anything of importance in either January or February, unless it has something to do with winter. It’s not that people won’t come, but they have to have the ability to come. In my case, I had scheduled myself to do three consecutive Wednesdays of seminars, all on leadership and management, but with a different focus for each session. I did charge for them, though not a lot of money, and they were advertised fairly well, as I have a connection at the Syracuse newspapers who always helps me out.

What didn’t help me out was the weather. The first week it was 15 below zero (that’s Fahrenheit; -26C) and snowing pretty badly. It had been snowing fairly heavy for 3 days already, and this would be the final night for this particular storm, though it wouldn’t be the final night of snow during a period where it showed 44 days in a row. The second week we experienced storm number two, and all the major highways were closed; I ended up canceling that one, as only two people besides my wife and myself dared brave the trip. The third week we were having storm number three, which was the least amount of snow of the three storms, but there was so much snow already on the ground that there really wasn’t anywhere to put new snow. The snowbanks around my house were over seven feet; now that’s scary.

As you can probably imagine, this means that none of the seminars were well attended. But I plowed through anyway, and those people who came seemed to enjoy it. My friend Kelvin said he was surprised that not only could I get up in front of a group and give a full presentation, but I did it without notes, as I memorized my topics and the general gist of what I wanted to speak on, then just went at it. As a professional speaker, I pride myself on rehearsing so that I’ll come in on time; after all, money is time, right? And I generally got positive feedback from the folks who showed up, which was nice. Actually, I got positive feedback from everyone, even the one guy who wanted to debate me on the concept of whether leaders were born or not. But he was a good guy just the same.

Anyway, that’s my little story, and my introduction to my CD series, which, if purchased, can be immediately downloaded and listened to. Not quite a squeeze page, but it’s integrated into my business site for conformity. I hope you at least take a look at how I’m advertising it, and, of course, it’s there on the left, the third item down.

See, all these products I’ve created, and I have two more that you can look at on my business products page, if you so choose to do. I hope you will; enjoy!

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