“Great Content” Redux

You’re getting a post, a link to a post and a video; what more could anyone want?

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I found this interesting. With all the talk about writing great content that I see on so many blogs, I never see anyone talking about just what great content is supposed to be. I remembered that I wrote a post about it, this post, and it turns out it was written on February 25th, 2011; almost 3 years ago to the day. Kind of freaky isn’t it?

Considering how long ago I wrote that post and how many articles I have on here, I think it’s pretty cool that I remembered it in the first place. However, seeing how long ago it was, it reminds me that sometimes we have to address certain topics more than once because some of them stay relevant and some of them modify, and all of them can tie in together to help bring a bit more completion to a topic; wouldn’t you agree?

Thus, Saturday early evening I decided to do a video on the topic and, as an added bonus, experiment with the Q&A app via a Google Plus Hangout. I wanted to see what it would be like taking questions and answering them, and I also wanted to see how it would work later on while viewing things. Supposedly people are supposed to be able to watch the video on G+ later on and see the questions I actually selected and responded to at the point in the video I did so. It didn’t work for me but that’s okay.

In the video, I took elements from the post I linked to above and added a few things to it. At that time I had just started adding images to posts, and I had never added my own videos to a post, though I had added other videos I found on YouTube. To me, great content is mainly about the written word, but other elements definitely help make some posts great.

I mentioned quite a few people in the video as well, but I’m not naming names here. Of course Holly Jahangiri knows about it because she watched it, and my buddy Phil Phren was also there, and they both asked questions that I could answer and thus get to test the plugin; thanks to both of you.

In any case I hope you check out the video and, well, this post might not be one of those that has fully great content based on what I’ve written, but I have linked to sources, linked to some of my other blog posts, and added both a video and an image; not bad if you ask me. 🙂 And now, the video:



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