The New Adsense Interface

I’ve been using Google Adsense for years, and of course I’ve talked about the problem I recently had when they killed it from this blog. Still, I’m earning an average of $150 a month from it for my other sites, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

First, let me own up to this; the image is for Sire, who loves the ladies. He hasn’t been as active lately, off doing other stuff, but this will bring him back for sure. 🙂

Anyway, lately when I’d been going to check my daily earnings I’d seen this thing talking about the new Adsense interface, which would give me more information on my Adsense accounts than before. I’ve hesitated for about six weeks, but I figured it was probably time to go for it, especially after checking out the videos that I’m going to post below. What they’ll show is that if you’re already using Analytics that it’s in a weird way an extension of that, only for Adsense instead. Actually, I have to admit that, as I was looking through some of the things it can show you that I was shocked when one of the reports I was looking at showed me that the 728×90 ads that I run mainly on my medical billing site bring in the most money overall. Here’s a 7-day look; click on the image to see it enlarged:

That’s quite illuminating for sure. It tells me that I need to rethink my ad strategy on some other things as well; bigger just might be better.

Anyway, there’s nothing I could tell you that would be better than these 3 videos that the Adsense folks put out themselves, so here you go:


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Removed Whydowork Adsense Plugin

Sometimes the attempt to do something that will help automate processes doesn’t quite work. In this case, I’ve realized that I had to remove the Whydowork Adsense plugin from all of my blogs.

What is that? It’s a plugin that allows you to have Adsense automatically put into your blog posts at certain times and in certain places of your choosing. I actually thought it was pretty neat, as it gave me the opportunity to monetize older posts by putting Adsense into them without my having to go back and put it in myself. I also had it set to populate the 3rd and 5th posts on the main page of each of my blogs, since you’re allowed 3 instances of Adsense per page.

The problem I noticed is that, for whatever reason, it sometimes locked up the blog or a post, making people believe my site might be down. I kept wondering why it would give me problems every once in awhile when I tried getting into the site also. Well, if you’re paying attention, and I was, usually you’ll see what link a page might be trying to load. In my case, I noticed it was Google syndication. And I also knew it wasn’t the Google sidebar ad because it was already showing. So, I knew it had to be the ads within the posts themselves. And, since it was happening on all 3 blogs, I knew it had to be that plugin.

Therefore, I’ve removed it, and so far I haven’t noticed any of the blogs hanging up anymore. But this does prove that those of us on WordPress have to always be vigilant in checking our plugins, because we never know what might suddenly start messing stuff up. I actually learned that again last week after I upgraded my blogs to WordPress 2.8.1.

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I’ve Jumped Into The Adsense Promotion Thing

Well, it seemed to make sense, so I’ve now officially become an affiliate for Joel Comm’s Adsense programs, especially his Adsense Secrets 4.0 book. I wrote a review of it on my Reviews of Everything site if you’re interesting in learning more about it.

So, now you’ll understand why I have the affiliate link below; I never said I didn’t enjoy the book, or that I didn’t learn anything from it, when I wrote about the bit of controversy a little bit ago. So, read the review, then think about buying the book. Or just click on the ad below and go to the site on your own.

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