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In my way of breaking the fourth wall, those of you who frequent this blog often will notice that this article is posting on Tuesday instead of Monday. That’s because yesterday was the 11th year of my business blog, Mitch’s Blog, and I decided to give it the Monday slot and wait a day for this one. That doesn’t mean that today’s subject isn’t important to me, or isn’t irking me to no end, but it could be delayed a day. Anyway, please go check out that other post; there’s some good stuff there if I say so myself. 😉

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Today’s rant is about pop ups on blogs. I’m going to leave out the new notices that are popping up on a lot of blogs that are advertising that they have cookies on them, based on a ruling that the European Union put on Google that has nothing to do with the overwhelming majority of us who don’t have any real traffic coming from European nations or aren’t using Adsense (phooey!) that makes it a prerequisite for that message. I found a script to block it so those aren’t bothering me.

Instead, I’m going to talk about those popups that keep getting bigger and more intrusive on more blogs than I care to think about. Not that this is the first time I’ve talked about it or mentioned it. As far back as 2008 I was griping about this issue. I talked about it in my 15 wishes for bloggers post, my post about irritating things bloggers do, and 15 other posts over the years.

It has now gotten to the point where as soon as you arrive at a page either there’s something popping up from the top or popping into the middle, and every once in awhile it’s so big that you can’t find the X to close it. Frankly, for as many blogs that I visit, way more new blogs than blogs I visit often, it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

Last week I decided to put out a quick message on Twitter asking people to stop with the popups. I know they’re not going to stop just because I asked them to, since I can’t get anyone to listen to me when it comes to those stupid DM messages, but it would be nice if we, the blog readers and the people they’re hoping to attract, could at least have the opportunity to read some of the article first.

After I put that message out, there were a lot of people on Twitter who liked it. You know that on Twitter because you get the messages that tell you that people like something. I only had a couple of people who commented on it, and they were in agreement with me. I know that people who have the popups certainly weren’t going to say “me too”, and as my wife says it was crickets in three part harmony.

Frankly, I’m sick of it and it violates one of my major rules about social media in that it stifles engagement. I know these folks care more about how many people they can get subscribed to their newsletter or how many products they can sell than they actually care about the readers. People can tell you anything, but actions speak louder than words; yeah, I said it!

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If you saw my post from last week, whether you fully agreed with the reason I wrote it or not, you know that I highlighted some people who I wanted to share with some of you readers and other people who might see those links and people in other social media spaces. If you also saw a post from me last year regarding how I market myself on Twitter, you know that one of the things I do a lot of there is highlight posts and statements from all sorts of people, both from people I know and don’t know. I’m all about sharing, and I spend a lot of time finding good stuff to share with others. It always seems to be appreciated, if sometimes ignored, but in my opinion the majority of people who are following me on Twitter are hopefully getting some kind of value from my sharing that stuff.

I have therefore made a decision that I’m not going to implement immediately, but probably by May or June I’m going that route, maybe even April.

I will stop sharing any blog post or web sites that has popups that show before I have had time to read the content. I will also start making a list of the people who have those blogs with those popups so that I can remove them from my blog reader and keep myself from accidentally clicking on those links because the topics look interesting.

I know that some folks have read studies which show that as much as we all say we hate popups, they do get people to sign up for their stuff. Frankly, I don’t care. I don’t have a problem with people who want to do commerce online and in social media. What I do have a problem with is people who in one voice say they are there for the people and in another voice, aka action, are doing the very thing that alienates us from wanting to deal with them. Well, that and Captcha, but I’ve written about that in the past also.

If some of you who are visitors to this blog have those popups, and have enjoyed my sharing your articles, which I will admit that if I share it means I think they’re pretty good, still have those types of popups by one of the months I mentioned above, I’m sorry but I will no longer share any of your stuff online.

I have never had a popup on any of my blogs, and I never will. I would like people to actually be able to read my content unobstructed. I risk the possibility that traffic might slow down, or that some people won’t share my content because I won’t share theirs. So be it; if one doesn’t take a stand on something that bothers them then they deserve what they get. You teach people how to treat you after all.

What’s your thought on it? Am I being pigheaded? Do you believe I don’t understand the need to make more money and get more newsletter subscribers? Or do you commiserate with me and understand my point, maybe even agree with me?

I’m not the type who is scared to hear other people giving me their opinion on things so go for it… Just stay nice. 🙂

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Do You Protect Others Better Than You Protect Yourself?

Last night my wife and I were having a conversation about things that had surprised us about each other. One thing that came up was how, when the need arises, we tend to change our demeanor up in protecting each other, as opposed to when we’re protecting or supporting ourselves.

Safety and Protection

I’m not one who raises my voice in anger. When I raise my voice, I’m usually happy in some regard. And I’m generally a very easy going guy. However, I’ve noticed what when someone or something is not treating my wife well, I don’t yell, but I do go on the attack. And I don’t play nice, something that surprised my wife because she’s noticed I usually give people a lot of leeway when it comes to messing with me, although I do try to cerebrally castigate them if I have to.

My wife has done the same for me. We’ve been in restaurants where she’s made demands on stuff that I might not like. Not that I won’t say something many times, but how I address things and how she addresses them is much different.

I noticed earlier today that our friend Sire had a comment on his blog where the guy pretty much called him an idiot. Sire responded in his normally gracious way, and the guy didn’t quite apologize, saying he likes to speak directly with people, but was glad Sire took it in the matter in which he meant it. I didn’t; I thought it was grossly inappropriate, and I decided to take up the spear and thrust it back in my own way. You’ll remember that I wrote an article on web courtesy; you come into my house, I don’t mind that you disagree with me, but you’re going to respect me. And you’re going to respect my friends in their house, unless you want to pay the bills.

Am I sensitive? Sometimes I’ll admit that. I tend to believe you teach people how to treat you, and you also treat people as you wish to be treated. I’m so thankful that everyone who has participated on this blog has shown great deportment over the years, and trust me I appreciate it. I hope I treat everyone with the utmost respect because I hope to get that back. We can disagree; I’m certainly not perfect. But there are ways we can all support our beliefs without being rude.

Kind of like customer service, eh? 🙂

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Sunday Question – What Is Your Pride Worth?

Last week a young man in this area was sentenced to 20 years to life in jail for killing someone. As his defense, he stated that he shot the other person because he looked at him wrong, and that challenged his pride. His actual words were “He gave me a look and wasn’t givin’ me my props.”

Whether one wants to use the word “pride”, “props”, or “disrespected”, life in some areas of this country can be violent over the stupidest stuff. People who know me now don’t believe I used to do things like this, but I used to park my car in certain places where I knew it would be safe when I was younger and go for walks in areas that were deemed a bit dangerous by others. I saw a lot of stuff and never engaged anyone directly, but I thought I was prepared.

Thing is, you learned some rules back then, which are different rules than today. You made sure you maintained eye contact with people back then. If you looked away before you got to the person, that was a sign of disrespect. You didn’t look down while walking towards someone, and you certainly didn’t cross the street, which, I have to say, was the major mistake of white people who walked through dangerous neighborhoods where they shouldn’t have been.

Of course, the opposite was true if I decided to walk through a dangerous white neighborhood, which I only did once before deciding that was an unwarranted risk. You never looked them in the eye, and you kept your hands in your pockets; you know why.

In the business world, pride takes on a much different form. All of us want to be recognized for the positive things we do, but sometimes we don’t get the respect that we deserve, or believe we deserve. When that happens, there are usually a few things that happen. One, someone will try to make another person look bad. Two, people stop caring and sabotage themselves. Three, people notice how others get noticed and either start copying that, or will steal from them and present the work of others as their own; kind of like my rant on web courtesy last week. Or four, they start looking for something else and then will leave.

And then there’s five, which is to do nothing. For the most part, doing nothing stinks. You say “I’m just going to go about my business, do my job, and go home.” That works, but only for so long. It’s hard for almost all of us to just let things keep going badly for us. We don’t deserve to have to keep tolerating stuff that’s not fair. Some of us find calm ways to deal with it. Others decide to get a gun and take out an entire office, or at least those people who got on our nerves. I’m assuming y’all have kept up on this Amy Bishop story, right?

Anyway, there are so many degrees of how we all react when our pride has been attacked in some fashion. This is a two part question for this week. One, how do you react to having your pride attacked; two, how would you like to react to having your pride attacked if you could get away with it. I know the second part is scary, but hey, you’re among friends. lol

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