Casio Does Me Right

Quick story for you. Back in January, I had to buy a new watch. The brand I had, which was a Casio, I’d had for about 10 years. I’d always loved that watch because it allowed me to set multiple alarms, store upwards of 100 phone numbers, and a host of other things.

Unfortunately, after all those years, the watch face suddenly decided it didn’t want to play anymore. It just came off, and with that, the watch was toast.

It was now time to go buy a new one, but I wasn’t sure where to go. On a fluke, my wife and I were at Sears, and I asked about it. They had something similar, a newer version of the watch. I decided to go ahead and buy it.

The thing never worked properly, but I grew to like it anyway. Then, suddenly in July, it decided it didn’t want to play anymore. It took me 2 months to find a way to contact them, as the number in the manual wasn’t good, and I couldn’t find a phone number online. I went back to Sears and they had a number.

I called the number and the woman said I had to mail in the watch, along with a notarized letter, and they’d get back to me to see if they considered it still under warranty, which was supposed to be a year long. I got around to it, and mailed out the watch and letter on Monday.

This evening, my wife comes in and gives me this small box. I have no idea what it is, because I hadn’t ordered anything. Lo and behold, it was a brand new watch! Are you kidding me? And the buttons work better than the original did. Great stuff! The only issue I now have it working on getting the wristband down to a size I can wear.

Man, this is great, and I want to give the Casio people props for such great customer service. The watch I purchased, which now works great, is below. And I’m obviously endorsing the company. I’m a happy man tonight!

Casio Digital Data Bank Watch

Casio Digital Data Bank Watch

Price – $75.54