I have to own up to something. There are times when I’m one of the biggest prima donna’s in the world. I don’t mean Italian opera singer (or necessarily any Italian or singer for that manner, but it was the first definition in the dictionary) that has to be the center of it all. I […]

I wrote a post titled Repurposing Your Own Blog Content; Good Thing Or Bad?, where I talked about using things you’ve written before on your intended subject, maybe editing it a bit, and putting it out as blog content. It can work well for those people that have written a lot of stuff, as I […]

Last week I was reading a guest blog post on another blog when the writer wrote one specific line: “Get to the point as quickly as possible, say it in as few words as possible, and you’re done.” by Markus Rodder And he was. For a guest post I was thinking how relatively short the […]

As most of you know, I’ve been talking more lately about writing for others. Indeed, I have been making money writing articles, and I have some blogging clients also. The thing is, there are two problems with my model. One, I’m not generating the kind of money I thought I’d be generating; two, some of […]

Time for an advertisement, but this one’s for me. As you know, I’ve been writing for people for a few months now. I’ve started getting some blog writing clients, and I’ve decided it’s time to mention it here. Wirawat Lian-udom via Compfight I’ve set up a contract through my other site where I’ll undertake writing […]

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