1,701 Blog Articles… Oops!

I’m probably having two blog posts this week. The next one will be my synopsis of the Blogging While Brown conference I went to over the weekend. This one is about hitting 1,700 posts… a post late. That’s okay though; at least I realized it and now have something new to talk about.


As I did with Post #1,600, I get to mention highlights of the past year as it pertained to my life, positive or negative, and then I get to highlight some of my favorite posts of the year. While that’s always fun, I’m going to begin this one by talking a bit about my present blogging mood.

My mood is kind of “meh” lately. It’s not because I don’t still enjoy the process of blogging. The issue is that real life has been affecting me more than anything else. I’m worried about my mother’s mental health, and it seems to be carrying over into my own health. I’m averaging 2 1/2 hours of sleep a day, which sometimes includes a nap; that’s not great.

It means that my mind is a bit foggy, which I really can’t afford being self employed. It’s also affecting my overall writing, which means my income. Other than this blog and my business blog, I’m not paying much attention to anything else. I’m not even doing as many videos as I usually do, although I did do this one which, though geared towards YouTube, applies to some of the folks who comment here from time to time:


Still, I get by, so if you’re worried about me don’t be (like you’d worry lol). After all, within the time it took to write the last 100 posts, I’ve had some intriguing things happen.

I had the anniversaries of both my 14th and 15th year of self employment. I had the 8th anniversary of this blog in December (which I forgot to write about) and the 11th anniversary of my business blog. I wrote my 2nd book on leadership titled Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy. Finally, I was interviewed by podcast on the topic of leadership by Jesan Sorrells, whom I also interviewed on YouTube.

That’s not too shabby, even if I still had bigger plans for myself. I’ll get beyond this brief funk I’m in, hopefully inspired by many of the people I’ve just seen at the conference this past weekend I work best when I have something to compete for. 🙂

This is usually the point where I’d just list all my favorite posts of the year. I’m still going to do that but, because these days people are also hoping you’ll share something of value that they can use, I’m going to write 5 tips that have helped me this past year, things for you to consider:

1. Be consistent

As I mentioned earlier, I wrote at least a post a week on two of my blogs this year, and those have proven to be the most successful. Except for two anniversary dates, I posted the blogs on the same day, this one on Monday, my business blog now on Wednesday, as it used to be Thursday. It’s helped because people get used to looking for a post on a certain day, and that helps keep visitors coming.

2. Promote

I started promoting my blog posts more in 2015. I realized that I wasn’t promoting them enough, as I was only doing it twice at the most. Now with each blog post I promote it twice on the first day, and then at least once the next 4 days (sometimes I’ll skip either Saturday or Sunday) and I stagger the times. An important time was late at night for me because the other side of the world is just waking up so they’ll see it early day where they are.


3. Some automation

I’m not big on a lot of automation, but I finally acquiesced this year and started using first Tweetdeck and now Tweeten to schedule both older posts and my little motivational missives. I realized it not only saved me time and allowed me to concentrate on other work, but I get to select what people are seeing that I’ve previously created, and I’m not hammering the same thing over and over so people can get tired of it (you should see my files lol).

4. Writing ahead

Most of my articles are written at least a couple of days ahead. When I can, I’ll write multiple articles on one day, at least 2 or 3. That helps to cover those times when there are other projects to get to but I still want to get a post out. It’s what helped me write a post a day on my business blog last December. I need to get back to that for my other blogs because it’s really a good idea.

5. Be authentic

A few month ago I fussed about people who write things that not only seem to be carbon copies of what someone else has done but are boring as sin. What I’ve noticed on blogs I visit more than once is that a lot more of my blogging favorites have started to do the same type of thing, and that makes what they’re doing more enjoyable. It kind of touches on the concept of pure blogging that Danny Brown talks about all the time, which he’s absolutely correct on.

There you are; if you can’t do anything with those 5 tips you’re not even trying. lol Enough of that; let me share my favorite posts in the last 100 so you can get on your way. There are more than normal, and this is because last year I started trying to write more comprehensive posts so, in my opinion, the quality went up a bit from what I was writing previously. Of course this is my belief; hopefully you’ll agree with some of these. 😉

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King Assassination Anniversary; A Different Take On Things

Today is the 43rd year after the assassination on Dr. Martin Luther King. I’ve written about it in previous years on two blogs of mine, but I’m kind of going a much different route this year, a bit more controversial and kind of a departure for me. But it seems some things have to be said, some truths confronted, and heck, I’m in the mood to do it.

I have been privy lately to reading a lot of, and participating in quite a few, conversations related to minorities online. The major question has been why there aren’t any minorities recognized as A-list bloggers or gurus online if you will. Of course, that kind of generalized statement always gets challenged by the same people who, when people ask why there aren’t more black millionaires, say “look at all the athletes and entertainers”; please! In reality, 43 years after Dr. King, in the realm of being known by a lot of people minorities in general haven’t broken through online. Many people can name one or two, and that always reminds me of “Hey, I have a black friend.” And trust me, I’m not being sensitive; it happens across the board, even in technology.

The overall reality is that one shouldn’t expect that things will be different online than they are in the real world. For instance, there are only 3 black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies; at least in the past, as I haven’t seen the latest list yet. There aren’t any latinos or Asians at all as far as I can tell. Still, out of 500 there’s not even 10% minority representation; that’s a shame in this century.

Then again, it follows a pattern. The other day new unemployment stats came out saying unemployment went down to 8.8%; however, for black people it went up to 18%. For every other minority it also went up; what the heck is that all about? Well, I know, but I’m not saying right now.

Suffice it to say, there hasn’t been any “overcoming” so far. Yet, for all the laments on things that seem to be going against minorities, we don’t get a free pass on this. Bill Cosby was right; we’re doing a lot of this to ourselves overall. I’m not sure if you’ve heard that Latinos now number 50 million in the United States, which is pretty powerful. Yet, for all that power, they can’t get together to vote as a block and effect any change for their community. If they did, you wouldn’t have all this trash going on in Arizona. And if black people were acting right, you wouldn’t end up with incidences like this abhorrent mess in Cleveland, TX, where an 11 year old was raped and many of the people in town are blaming her; what the heck? And then it happened again in Riverside, CA.

Frankly, there’s a lot of blame to go around, and thus one can’t put all the weight on fixing any perceived or real issues on one group or another. However, I’m irked today, which is why I’m posting the video below, even though I’ve thought long and hard as to whether or not I should do it. In the end, I figure it had to be done, and it had to be said, and I’m just glad it’s not coming from my mouth. It’s from a Boondocks episode where Martin Luther King Jr actually came back to life and got a look at some of the “progress” his trials and tribulations had actually brought us to. I hope overall that this isn’t as good as it gets, but this little “speech” is as truthful as it gets… for now, as I acknowledge year #43:

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Michael Jackson One Year Removed

Around this time last year, I started seeing some odd email alerts coming through saying Michael Jackson had been taken to a hospital, then was in a coma. Then suddenly that message came through that took my breath; Michael Jackson was no longer with us.

After that, we went through the strangest of spectacles, which makes a lot of sense because you just couldn’t take a personality that big, one that had been in our lives for so long, and expect it to go away quietly. We learned a lot of things, some very good, a couple shocking in a way but making sense once we thought about it. But what we really learned was just how much of an impact he was in this world.

And how big an impact was that? In the week after he was gone 8 of his albums were on the top charts, and two of them were in the top 5; one was the third best selling album for 2009, and four of them made the top 20 for the year. He was the biggest selling album artist of the year in the United States with more than 8 million albums sold; who knows how that translated around the world. His estate made over $1 billion in the last year; no one else comes close, including Elvis & the Beatles.

Oddly enough, for me it’s still hard to believe he’s not here because of the legacy of music he left behind. When I’m walking at the health club, I listen to a lot of upbeat music, and many of the songs are Michael Jackson songs. As I listen to each song, I remember where I was the first time I heard the song; how classic is that? Of course, all the songs from the Thriller album were heard around the same time, as I had the album before the video for Billie Jean came out; that’s just how it was back then.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to pop a video on here to commemorate the day, and of course I wanted something I hadn’t already posted before. This song and video is my wife’s favorite Michael Jackson non-live performance, so I felt it was appropriate. And the message is apropos as well, because I do, indeed, Remember The Time:

Ultimate Collection (w/ Bonus DVD)

Michael Jackson Ultimate Collection (w/ Bonus DVD)

Price – $40.92

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