Why Do I Have So Many Problems With Commission Junction Affiliates?

It must be something with me because I don’t see all that many other people complaining about these things, although I bet they are and I’m just missing them. Once again I’m having an issue with a Commission Junction affiliate that won’t pay me and another affiliate that’s dropping me; sigh…

The one that won’t pay me is called NothingButSoftware, which of course means they’re all about technology. I purchased a LCD projector from them for one of my local organizations, a non-profit, and I should have gotten a very nice commission from them. Instead I’ve gotten nothing. I’ve sent them 5 emails, 3 regular emails and 2 through CJ, but I’ve not heard a thing.

Here’s the other side of this, though. CJ states that the best they can do is contact their affiliates and ask them to respond to their publishers. That’s the response I’ve gotten every single time from them. That and their standard “if we haven’t heard from you in 3 days we’re going to assume the problem has been taken care of.”

What the hey? You know, I’ve had this love/hate thing with CJ. Some of the affiliates they’re hooked up with have been wonderful. I would easily recommend 123inkjets because they usually pay you within hours. I had that one issue with GoDaddy but once they learned about it they took care of me. Once I had an issue with FootballFanatics, a sports apparel company, but once I provided them proof they paid me (well, eventually anyway). But some others, like these NothingButSoftware people and 101Phones (which still shows me as an affiliate even though I yanked them over a year ago) are horrible. I did have a problem with Finish Line as well but that was through Google Affiliate Network.

I can’t be the only one who believes that if a company signs an organization to help push their products that they should establish some standards for how they’re supposed to work with you. I get the impression that each advertiser is running things their own way and CJ is just the puppet intermediary. That’s a shame, and they probably wouldn’t like the association, but I keep getting cheated by their publishers and it’s not fair. And if it’s happening to me consistently then it’s happening to others as well.

I did say I have another affiliate dropping me, right? This time it’s a company called Organize.com, and they’re dropping me because I live in New York, and our state has decided that these companies are supposed to be tracking any commissions I might have and paying taxes on anything I make. And Organize.com has decided I’m not worth it; okay, all New York publishers aren’t worth it.

I have to admit that years ago I didn’t like any of this, and now I’m siding with the companies against the state. Sure, states need money, but what gives them the right to pretty much take money out of my pocket, money that I’d be spending in the state and paying taxes on the stuff I purchase, to try to get funds that, for the most part, I’m not really earning anyway? I can imagine the trouble it must be for some of these web companies to try to track all these different state rules; I’m not mad at them for this. At least they didn’t drop me because supposedly I wasn’t making them sales like Brookstone did. And get this; even PokerStars hasn’t dropped me, although I pretty much can’t do anything with them for now since I can’t advertise to an American audience and thus it pretty much kills what I can do with them.

Affiliate marketing isn’t supposed to be this difficult. You make a sale, you get paid, you move on. This type of thing keeps coming up, not having affiliates pay you, and then it destroys the confidence we have in the process. It’s no wonder we’re always writing and worrying about scams.

Except this isn’t a scam; it’s just bad business practices.

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Brookstone Drops Me As An Affiliate; Read This

First, I hope you check out my Big RSS Subscriber Contest after reading this article.

Second, read this:

Dear Mitch Mitchell,

HelloMokona via Compfight

Brookstone has changed the way we assess our affiliate program’s profitability. Based on this analysis, we have found that sales from your website were resulting in a net loss to Brookstone, and we must cease our partnership effective immediately.

Well, thank you very much, Brookstone. Brookstone is one of my favorite retail stores, and I’ve spent a lot of money over the years buying a lot of things from there. I thought it would be kind of cool having them and their products as part of my affiliate domain, so to speak.

But here you go, being dropped because I’m giving them a net loss. Wait, hold on; how am I giving them a net loss? Sure, I haven’t made any sales, but all that means is that I haven’t earned them a net profit. I can’t lose anything for them; that makes no sense. Because I haven’t sold anything, they haven’t had to worry about collecting taxes from me because I’m in New York state.

I haven’t had to get product up front, then send it back to them, costing them in restocking fees (by the way, who agrees with me that restocking fees are the biggest scam and crock they’ve ever heard of; at least half the times your product is damaged, so they’re not restocking it to begin with). Frankly, even without making any sales, at the very least I’ve done nothing except promote them and some of their little quirky products.

Of course, Brookstone is having the same problems as many other retail stores, having posted a loss of 2% from the same period last year, the third quarter being the comparison period, but I find it hard to believe that Brookstone could be saving money by cutting someone like me, and other affiliate advertisers, who cost them absolutely nothing except a little bit of loyalty.

Well, that’s how it goes, I guess. I’ll probably still shop at their stores because, the sneaks, they always have those massage chairs in just the right place in the mall whenever I go there, which, lucky for me, is rare. I don’t like it, but, obviously, they’re not the first affiliate to drop me over the last 9 months.

They just came up with the lamest excuse.

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