Well now, this is something a little different. Michele Welch of New Biz Blogger has put together a free ebook for everyone to enjoy that contains articles from 31 bloggers on the general subject of blogging for business.

The name of the ebook is The Synergy of Business and Blogging, and it’s around 100 pages of tips that anyone might enjoy reading. I’ve already read it (y’all know I’m like that) and I think you’ll find it pretty good overall. Michele put it together very well indeed, and there are specific topics so you can decide if you want to jump to something you’re most interested in. The general topics are:

First Steps

Search Engine Optimization

Tools & Tips

Traffic Generation


Social Media


So, this is a very good deal. A free ebook, about 7MB so if you have slow download speed it could take a bit, and if you happen to download it from the link above or here, and you happen to get to page 67, you’ll see yours truly with a feature article as well. I’m really honored to have been selected to be a part of this collection of folks, which includes our buddy Sire (whose article is just before mine; how’d that happen?), Jimi Jones, Kristi Hines, DiTesco, and Dennis Edell, folks who have commented on this blog.

And a short post at that; y’all have made out for a Monday!

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