It may seem strange writing about this topic 6 days before we get there, but it makes for a better Sunday Question than just a post on the day, although I’m not ruling out saying something on the day as well.

Next Saturday is the 9th anniversary of the planes flying into the World Trade Center and pretty much changing our world forever. That could sound like hyperbole until you think about it. Two wars came from that. Extremism took another step forward to the point where terrorists are using children for suicide bombs. There are so many more things we have to do now before we can get on an airplane. We have a Department of Homeland Security. The FBI has been given the right to bug any one of us without a warrant just by saying it’s terrorist related and there’s not a thing we can do about it. And there’s this stupid battle over whether a mosque should be allowed to be built near the former area of the World Trade Center, as if Muslims weren’t also killed on that day and as if there’s any legal standing to prevent them from doing so.

Emotions for many are still high about that day. And yet, in many other ways it’s business as usual. My wife is going to some housewares party. Many universities will be playing football on that day, and all professional sports will go on as usual. It’s a Saturday after all, and it’s 9 years later. On Facebook two weeks ago someone said that it’s still too soon for certain things to be occurring and I asked just how long is long enough? And trust me, I get it; my dad passed away 8 years ago and I’m still bothered by it. Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon almost 30 years ago and people are still mad. The Manson family murders occurred more than 40 years ago and people are still mad. Brown vs. Board of Education was decided in 1954 and people are still mad. World War II,… you get the picture.

It’s a simple question then, probably answered differently for those in the United States than those elsewhere. What thoughts do you have as we approach the 9th anniversary of the second day that will live in infamy?

The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center

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