Sunday Question – What Do You Really Think About Blogging?

Today’s question seems like an easy one, but it really isn’t. I’m of the opinion that most people blog because they feel they have to, rather than because they actually love it. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so.

Happiness by Erno Hannick

I write 3 blogs. I absolutely love writing this blog. If I could generate enough income to live on for the rest of my life just by writing this blog I’d do it. Trust me, often I’m limiting myself to one blog post a day; I come up with enough ideas to write 4 or 5 times a day on this blog. But of course there’s that money thing getting in the way again.

My business blog I like writing, but it’s not as satisfying as this one. The topics I talk about on that blog can be tough for some people to deal with, and after aren’t for everyone. To me, that’s my “grown up” blog. I could actually write twice a day with that one, but it wouldn’t do me much good. I’ve spent most of my blog commenting time promoting this blog because it’s fairly universal; the other blog, well, when it fits I do it, but if not I’ll use this URL instead.

My finance blog… well, that one’s the wild card. It probably takes the most research because I need to feel a real opinion coming before I’ll write something for it, and I also need to make sure my opinion is backed up with something, either fact or news. The intention for that blog, I admit was only to make money. However, once again it’s kind of a hoidy-toidy blog, because finance topics are really a finite niche. I think only two people from this blog have ever commented on that one; it is what it is.

So there you go, a bit more honesty. How about you? Do you really love your blog and blogging, or do you sometimes find it to be a chore because of time, or ideas, or anything else that might make the process less than pleasurable?

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  1. Mitch,
    As you know, I was closed-minded about blogging up until six months ago. I started at the urging of you and one other person, and I’m hooked. I’ve done a lot of writing in my life, but so much of traditional publishing is hit-or-miss. You write something, work on it for days or weeks, then mail it out and wait. Sometimes you wait for months. Usually you hear nothing. Even if something is published, you get little or no feedback from people who’ve read it. Monetary reward aside, it’s lonely and unsatisfying. But blogging is real-time. I hit Publish and within minutes someone can be reading what I’ve written — and commenting. It’s motivating. With motivation comes more writing, and as with anything else, the more you do it, the more opportunity you have to learn and improve. So, yes, I do love blogging. (Saying that still makes me feel like a contestant on that game show. “I am not smarter than a fifth-grader.”) I love it and intend to continue doing it. Thank you again for the push!

    1. Charles, I’m glad to have been of assistance to you. And I’m going to make the next suggestion as well, which is to wait about a year into the process, then think about going back, take your top 20 stories, and turn them into an ebook. I think your stories lend well to that idea; I can’t say that for everyone.

      1. Mitch, this suggestion for Charles to publish his first twenty posts is wonderful and I agree with it completely (and maybe more than the first twenty), his writing is brilliant!

    2. Actually Allan, if I had to rely on traditional publishing to pay my bills, I’d have been thrown into debtor’s prison years ago. I’ve never been paid for any article that’s shown up on a magazine or anywhere else, and I ended up having to self publish my book because after almost 50 rejections it just seemed the way to go. I don’t blame publishers because they get thousands of books a year, but it can be a tough life as well.

    1. I’m glad you found it as well, Gabriele. I have to tell you the truth, I’m still going through your latest post because there’s lots to take in, but there will be a comment coming.

  2. You know, I go through phases, to be honest. For periods of time I absolutely love blogging and dote over all the traffic and comments, and other times it feels like a chore to ‘keep it up’. But overall, it’s a love, yes – and the people you ‘e-meet’ in Bloggydom are worth the effort alone.

    Liked the post, very candid and honest.

    Marvin D Wilson

    1. Thanks Marv. It’s an interesting world, blogging, and I think at some point we all have that love-hate relationship with it.

  3. Hi Mitch

    I remembered I hadn’t visited yesterday (it’s already Monday here) as I was going to sleep last night! Do I ever not think of blogging??!!

    So yes, I love blogging and tweeting and commenting on other people’s blogs. The only thing I don’t love about blogging is the techie stuff lol

    Meeting so many amazing people I would not have met and love researching for my chosen small niche. Love writing and would do it every day if I didn’t think I would give my readers information overload.

    Still, I am going to be writing an ebook so should be doing that daily. Have had some helpful advice from a successful marketer whose site I regularly visit that has given me the impetus to get on with it πŸ™‚

    Now I have a new word in my vocabulary; thanks Marvin…bloggydom.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Thanks for sharing, Pat. Blogging is definitely a lot of fun, and I’ve met tons of people the same way you have. It’s amazing, but it’s the only way I’d have ever met many folks around the world like you.

  4. Yep, I’m one of those that love to blog and that’s the main reason for me to do it. Sure I’d love to make money while I’m doing it but that’s not the main reason behind it.

    If anything the money aspect just provides a bit of a challenge to see what I can change to make things happen. As long as this aspect doesn’t impede on the enjoyment factor then it’s not getting in the way.

    1. Sire, you’ve got multiple blogs, and you run into the same type of problem I do in that you can concentrate more on the one blog than all the others.

      1. Yep, and naturally that’s the one that I enjoy the most and also the one that makes the least amount of money πŸ˜€

  5. Well, Mitch as you well know, I have never been at a loss for words! I love blogging and never run out of ideas but my issue is time. As you say, it’s that money thing and my days are full to over-flowing …… as it is, I am writing this at 2am!

    Because of the nature of my blog (real estate), I get very few comments on my blog, however, I get a lot of calls and a ton of traffic to my website from the articles, which in turn, translates to cash in the bank.

    My biggest fan is the president of our brokerage – a business guru and marketing savvy woman who is a wordsmith, herself. She reads my articles and submits them to our corporate website, the local newspaper and various real estate magazines and this is how I have managed to springboard myself into being one of the busiest agents in our area, in just 5 months of being in Florida!

    Blogging is a little like bus bench advertising – it seldom works on its own. In order to make money from blogging, one either has to do what you do and blog every day (the laser light method), or if you’re short of time as I am, to roll blogging into one’s marketing strategy and hit consumers with a bigger boxing glove.

    As for CommentLuv ~ this worked well for me however, since they changed, I have never found the time to go back and step thru the many stages of getting it back up. And no, I don;t advertise on my blogs – again… just never fround the time to set it up.

    Honestly? Yours is the only blog that I read on a consistent basis other than our local blogs.

    1. Thanks for sharing Althea. Course, you must not have read the Thursday post because your picture’s on it. πŸ™‚ What change did CommentLuv make towards you? Your blog is in my feeder, and when I see something I can comment on I will. I’m glad it’s working well for you as far as helping you with your business; for you, that’s a big part of your intention. For my business blog it’s supposed to be as well.

  6. I don’t have a traditional blog yet but I do love writing and helping others with their blog. As of right now, I enjoy reading more. I love taking in new things and being entertained. I get both of that here:)

    1. Thanks Karen. I do visit your blog to check out your stuff as well, but I have to admit that my mind doesn’t process haiku all that well for whatever reason. But I do comment from time to time, as you’ve seen.

  7. You’re right ~ it’s been an extremely busy week, so I didn’t read Thursday’s blog! Doing a quick scroll, I knew that I wasn’t the sexy gal on the boat and to be sure, when I did see the picture you posted of us both, it reminded me why I don’t often post pictures of myself! (Note to self: must take off 50lbs and get a facelift!) LOL!

    CommentLuv? Some time ago, CommentLuv needed to be reinstalled/reconfigured in order to work. I read your post about how long it took you to get it working and decided that my time was better spent nurturing the few clients I had at the time. Consequently, I never have a ‘recent blog’ reflected at the end of my comments here.

    [sigh] It’s all about highest and best use of time, isn’t it?

  8. When blogging (in fact prepare to blog), I like best the research part before i’m writing a post: i read a lot of articles, posts and then i make an opinion and start writing. It’s amazing how much info is out there, you just need to know to select the right one (this can be challenging).

    1. That’s true as well, Mia, and I’ll admit that when it’s necessary I kind of enjoy the research part as well.

  9. From a professional point, blogging is a way to promote better my website, but on the other side it is a hobby that I like, as I can express what I want to say. Web 2.0 technology started slowly and after that explode, this is the best way for SEO and internet marketing.

  10. I really like blogging. I was published a few times several years ago in the Syracuse Family Times magazine…

    It was a thrill- until they got a new editor. I met with her and presented several articles along with tons of ideas.

    The only one she wanted was a dry, boring article about the importance of taking your child to the library.

    With blogging, I can write basically what I want to write and not worry about someone throwing out all my hard work.

    The only problem with blogging? I have a few of them and I just never know which one I’ll feel “inspired” to post in each day, and with time being somewhat limited that can get hairy….

    Like so many others have stated, I have met some truly amazing people through my online ventures, including blogging.

    I love the social aspect…and all the good reading material.

    Hate that stuff doesn’t always work (ah-hem…comment luv)

    1. So you’ve had challenges with CommentLuv, too? Perhaps we should have Mitch give us a [paid] lesson? πŸ™‚

    2. Ain’t that the truth, Carolee. I’m still having some problems with CommentLuv, but I’ve started to refresh the page, sometimes twice, and it eventually comes back. I don’t know what’s causing that, but it’s good to see I’m not the only one. Are you using Firefox?

  11. I love blogging when there are lots of comments from different people, or when there is a small ‘discussion’ going on in the comment threads in my blog… but when there is no feedback at all, I tend to feel very let down with the whole thing. That said, I’ve been blogging on and off since 2004 so there must be something that keeps drawing me back!

    I find it interesting that you write about deeper issues on your business blog and keep this one fairly light. I sometimes read your business blog as I enjoy knowing your opinions on various issues, but I never know whether to comment there or not! I feel a bit ‘out of place’ as I’m not in the business world at all.

    1. Val, you don’t have to be in the business world to comment on my other blog. It’s there for opinions, no matter who has them. Trust me, businesses aren’t flocking there to leave comments. lol

    2. Hey Val, don’t worry too much about those posts that don’t hit a chord with people. You can’t expect a winner with every posts. Sometimes you get a dud, it just means it’s time to whip out another post.

      Also, it may mean that the timing was wrong. I find that if I post between Friday and Sunday I get less traffic than if I post on other days.

      Something I do to boost comments on those posts that haven’t got many is to visit commentluv blogs leaving a good comment. Naturally you want to make sure your post has a catchy title.

      1. Often when I post something that people don’t respond to, it’s because I’ve stupidly posted something more interesting soon after! That’s something that needs watching, that sort of habit. Thankfully not a bad habit with me, I do try to time things so that one doesn’t obscure another.

        Yep, weekends are the worst for blog posts.

  12. You won’t definitely find your blog as a job if you are discussing a topic that you are very much passionate about. In this way, there will be no boring moment on your part. Aside from that, you can even share experiences about it.

  13. I love sharing information to people, Mitch. Whether what I am doing is considered blogging or just content posting, I just know that it is very important for me to be able to put out something that may be of help to others.

    – Wes –

    1. Great stuff Wes. I have to admit I do check out your blog, but like your linked post here, I don’t often have anything I can contribute to it.

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