Today’s question seems like an easy one, but it really isn’t. I’m of the opinion that most people blog because they feel they have to, rather than because they actually love it. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so.

Happiness by Erno Hannick

I write 3 blogs. I absolutely love writing this blog. If I could generate enough income to live on for the rest of my life just by writing this blog I’d do it. Trust me, often I’m limiting myself to one blog post a day; I come up with enough ideas to write 4 or 5 times a day on this blog. But of course there’s that money thing getting in the way again.

My business blog I like writing, but it’s not as satisfying as this one. The topics I talk about on that blog can be tough for some people to deal with, and after aren’t for everyone. To me, that’s my “grown up” blog. I could actually write twice a day with that one, but it wouldn’t do me much good. I’ve spent most of my blog commenting time promoting this blog because it’s fairly universal; the other blog, well, when it fits I do it, but if not I’ll use this URL instead.

My finance blog… well, that one’s the wild card. It probably takes the most research because I need to feel a real opinion coming before I’ll write something for it, and I also need to make sure my opinion is backed up with something, either fact or news. The intention for that blog, I admit was only to make money. However, once again it’s kind of a hoidy-toidy blog, because finance topics are really a finite niche. I think only two people from this blog have ever commented on that one; it is what it is.

So there you go, a bit more honesty. How about you? Do you really love your blog and blogging, or do you sometimes find it to be a chore because of time, or ideas, or anything else that might make the process less than pleasurable?