For those of us who use Firefox, there are a host of add-ons and other things that we can employ to change the look and use of the Firefox browser. One that I particularly love is called Stylish. Basically, this allows you to change the look of certain websites that you may visit on a consistent, or even inconsistent basis, including colors and styles of those pages.

The first thing you do is download the Stylish add-on from the link above. Then you go to the main page, and search for sites whose style you might want to change. For instance, here are some of mine:

Main Google page:

Google images page:

Wikipedia page:

This is my Facebook page:

There are many other sites that you can alter, and there are even some add-ons that will change the look and color of your browser, which is really neat. Vista is hard to figure out in terms of changing colors and such in general, so I was glad to find a style and color that I liked to at least change how my browser looks. I’d show you that, but it would look goofy with all the things I have open right now. Oh yeah, you can also use Stylish to change the styles and uses for Thunderbird, if you use that for your email client.

Check it out, if you’re predisposed to do so, and if you’re using Firefox. And if you’re not using Firefox,… why not! 🙂

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  • The Almost Millionaire says:

    Does your facebook page only look like that when you log in, or does anyone who visits it view it in technocolor?

  • What a great idea being able to customise sites to alternative colour pallets. Apparent the darker skin for Google used less energy to view on screen, that’s something I never knew, I just assumed if a monitor was on that’s it the same power for any colour on screen.

    • Actually Khaled, with today’s monitor’s there’s less worry about how skins or other websites will affect the monitors. I just picked what I did because I like colors; if they’d had red, everything would be red. lol

    • I also use Greasemonkey, which changes how certain things work on some sites. For instance, I selected something that allows me to enlarge profile pictures I come across on Facebook, and on YouTube, I can download any video I come across as an MP4. Technology is a wonderful thing.

    • Yup, Kristi, but they have some other colors that might work better for some people. It’s kind of neat.

  • Maybe I’m a little bit too old but I’m used to default styles. I change my firefox theme quite often but changing google site to be dark blue? Not for me.

    • Hi Firany. The point is that you can change things if you want to, which I did. If you don’t wish to, of course you don’t have to do anything.

    • Haha I’m with you Firany. I grow too adjusted to layouts to try and change them as I’d see fit.

  • Interesting concept. Firefox keeps trying to draw me away from Safari, but hasn’t yet. I must admit they are on the cutting edge. I usually prefer the default or more simplistic setting for google or other sites. Gmail can be changed too without this tool, but I find the add-ons distracting.

    • Gennaro, I get bored easily with sameness, if you know what I mean. I don’t like someone else deciding my colors for me, or my styles if I have a choice.

  • hi Mitch,
    I’m sure you’re aware of the law against defacing US currency. Isn’t there a similar law against altering the google homepage? Or am I just being paranoid? You may want to take down those screen shots… 🙂 ~ Steve, the paranoid trade show guru
    PS. This is yet another example of how Firefox ROCKS!

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Do Trade Show Giveaway Pens Work?

    • No, you’re being paranoid, Steve. LOL Of course Google knows about this already, and you’re not defacing their site, you’re, well, beautifying your own browser. They see nothing, other than my screenshots, but those screenshots could be almost anyone’s computer; they just happen to be mine at the present time.

      And, actually, there is no law against defacing US currency; there’s a law against copying US currency. Otherwise, you’d never see any of those “Where’s George” stamps all over one dollar bills.

  • Mitch-

    I’ve been a loyal FF user for years and never knew this could be done. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • Hey Mitch,
    I was joking on Google of course. You’re probably right on the US currency as well. I just remember as a kid putting pennies on a train track to get them smashed and some adult saying it was against the law (to deface US currency), but it’s probably an urban myth. I’ve seen vending machines that will flatten a penny and stamp a picture on it (like the golden gate bridge) so I guess it can’t be illegal. ~ Steve, the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Do Trade Show Giveaway Pens Work?

    • I kind of figured you had to be kidding, Steve, but I had to make sure. And you’re the one who was breaking all those trains; police! lol

  • I can’t decide how I feel about this. It’s cool, but I feel that you’re almost changing somebody else’s artistic decision. Google is the way it is because they wanted it to look that way :). I guess I might change it but I just can’t see myself finding something I like and sticking with it.

    Firefox does have some AWESOME plug ins though, and it’s probably one of the best features it offers.

    • Matt, as it pertains to the different looks, I’ve kept Google pretty much like I changed it. But I keep changing how Wikipedia looks to me, mainly because there are tons of different looks and colors for it, including one that’s like Star Trek (love Star Trek). And I’ve always hated the main Facebook look, so any time I can change that one, it’s a good day.

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