Stuff We Forget To Do For Our Benefit

A couple of nights ago my wife asked me to help her move something. I went to help and realized it was something big and a little bit heavy. Not afraid of heavy things, I did my part in helping her move this thing. At some point, however, I smacked part of it into my foot and did that jumping around thing most of us do, trying to walk it off.

by Dave Matos via Flickr

My wife was now upset because not only had I hurt myself, but I wasn’t wearing shoes. Most of the time while in the house I don’t even think about it, wearing either socks or nothing. But I need to know better because, being diabetic, one is supposed to watch out for things that happen with feet, just in case. As it is I currently have a bruise on my big toe that’s been there for about 4 weeks now, not healing, and I just thought about calling the doctor’s office about it; two days and they haven’t called me back yet. The thing is that I have no idea when I hurt that foot, and I can only estimate how long I’ve had it because my wife noticed it first; actually, I’m not even really sure it’s a bruise.

I’m at an age now where there are simple things I just don’t think about beyond a couple of minutes. Putting on house shoes is one of those things; if I need to go to the kitchen and I don’t have shoes on while sitting at my desk, I don’t even think about it until I’m there. But dangers are everywhere; my wife sews and pins could be present in the carpet; I’ve stepped on them here and there but luckily to this point they’ve never been turned up. I also bump into a lot of things; how many of us don’t bump or kick something accidentally here and there, and some minutes later, for the most part, have forgotten we’ve done it?

I’m one of those people who’s a scheduler; turns out my mother is as well. I do that because I need reminders to do things, then to follow up on them. For instance, I always set timers to do laundry but always forget to set timers to put the laundry in the dryer, which means sometimes my laundry sits in the washer for a couple of days and I have to re-rinse everything. I have to schedule times to eat, otherwise I’ll go hours between eating, not good for my glucose levels. I schedule breaks, and sometimes I schedule projects and even email.

One thing I never have to schedule is my blogging. When I want to blog I just do it; luckily, depending on which blog I’m thinking about, I write enough to get by. Yet, what happens if one of these days I forget that? How will it impact some of the other things I believe are somewhat important in my life?

I mentioned eating; seems strange that one would forget to eat, doesn’t it? Especially someone like me, who’s not necessarily a small man. Even with my CPAP I’m tired a lot, and often I have to make the choice of whether to take a nap or eat. Most of the time I choose napping, feeling that I can always eat when I wake up.

According to a nutritionist that’s the wrong move. When we’re born the first instinct we know is how to eat; sleeping is something that we just do. Turns out that as we get older, we really do stop eating as often or as much, and food is what sustains us. Supposedly, by not eating something first, we sap our energy such that it makes it harder for us to wake up; that’s assuming we eat the right foods. When my grandmother’s mind stopped working properly she stopped eating; supposedly even when one’s mind doesn’t fully work, they can control eating or not eating, and without eating, she didn’t have a chance to survive. My nutritionist told me I don’t eat often enough; can you believe this? Well, I can after looking at myself more critically and realizing that often I only eat 2 meals a day, along with some snacking; nope, that just won’t do.

I lead in with all that stuff because I have a point; of course I have a point! lol When we don’t take care of the things we believe can help us in life or business we don’t survive, or rather all we’ll do is survive. People who create blogs with the intention of growing their business or selling their products and forget to blog are only hurting themselves. Folks who forget to send out invoices (yeah, I do that) or market themselves or use social media to help get the word out or, if necessary, spend a little bit of money to progress, only delay any benefits they might have coming their way.

What things are you forgetting to do that you might need to start scheduling for your life or business? What assistance are you searching for to help you progress? And what are you going to do about it?

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  1. Hi Mitch, I live by Google Calender, I have to. My phone syncs with my account and it’s extremely easy for me to check and edit virtually anywhere I’m at.

    Everything goes there, blogging, bills, when my domains expire, appointments and even days off. Without it, I’m a mess. I downloaded a phone app that was supposed to be the best To-Do & Appointment Book available and after just a few days I went running back to Google calender. It just suits me. It’s plain and simple but it links to everything else, my address book, email, documents, and probably a ton of other things I haven’t used yet. Well, this wasn’t an ad for Google, but I think I’ll bill them anyway. I better get that on my calender for tomorrow morning.

    1. Great stuff Brian. I don’t use Google Calendar; actually, I’d never heard of it until you just wrote about it. I use my Palm and Palm software for scheduling because it works great for repeating stuff, while I use my phone only to put in times for appointments during the week. Still, we both get things down that we have to do; that’s good.

  2. I get that. I too, tend to not prioritize my health. A few weeks back, I signed up for a one year membership in the local gym. I made the commitment to myself on my last birthday to go there everyday. So far so good.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Mitch,
    another great post from you. The fact is that none of us take care of our health until something bad happen and makes us think better on what we can do to improve our life and overall health. I think that most of the people take health for granted, and we should take care more about ourselves. If we don´t care about ourselves, no one else will.

  4. Maybe I should experiment with the Google Calendar. I need something to organize my schedule. I keep meaning to go the list route so I can divide up my chores evenly. I tend to go heavy on certain ones like blogging.

    On 12/12—Blogging advice from a blogging expert (no it’s not me–who could it be? Perhaps someone named Mitch?)
    Tossing It Out

    1. Well Lee, it could be… let’s find out. lol As to the schedule, however one can put it together works just fine. I really wish the alarm was louder on my phone for the calendar features because I just might go that route, but unfortunately it doesn’t play that game.

  5. Absolutely, scheduling life and business is always a good idea, well at least for most things. Even scheduling may go wrong if it is not organized properly or if it depends on many people.

      1. Definitely, Mitch, I personally don’t like when the chain is too long and businesses that implement management to look similar like start-up, work much better that level deep corporate model. Just everybody should be more responsible.

  6. I do tend to neglect some things once in a while, but for the most part I know what has to be done and do it. No schedule needed, all in the brain..haha

  7. Very interesting post, as always! Agree with you that it’s a pity but we do forget about some things in our every day life and in our business. Of course, that’s great when we have an opportunity to change something or to do it, but not always…

  8. Hi Mitch …That’s what I call inspirational words …!! Keep posting the good stuff….You are making other feel better …and you must feel better too 🙂

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