So, what do you think of Stripe Ads? Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s an example, though I hope it’s not too small to see, from Barbara Ling’s blog:

Anyway, the top bar above her image is a stripe ad. It goes all the way across the page and has some kind of rotating advertisement in it. It’s only one line, and to some it’s obtrusive, and to others it’s hardly noticeable. I have no idea what the click through rates on something like this is, but I know that I’m one of those folks who routinely clicks the red X to kill it, probably because it just irritates me seeing it. I kill it on every blog I come to, so obviously we all know I’m not about to load it here, because I don’t do to people what I don’t really want done to me.

Still, it may be of value to some marketers, especially if it does have a high click through rate. I read about it on Shawn Collins’ Affiliate Marketing Blog, and he also includes a direct link to the page. I guess they have both a free and paid version.

Anyway, if some of you are already trying this, or decide to load it then try it, come back and let us all know how it’s working for you.

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