It’s New Years Day, and there’s all sorts of marathons on TV, along with some college football games that, for some reason, this year offer absolutely no appeal to me. So, I’m watching a different type of marathon on Turner Classic Movies. In this case, it’s the three movies titled That’s Entertainment; I’m presently watching the second one.

Anyway, they just showed a song from the movie New Moon from 1940, where there was this classic song they performed called Stout Hearted Men. As I was watching, it reminded me of the first time I actually had heard the song, many, many years later. It was on an episode of Wonder Years with Fred Savage, where a group of male chorus boys had found a new spirit when one of their own turned out to have a magnificent voice, until one tragic evening.

It made me laugh until I almost cried, and hurt my stomach, so I’m sharing it with you here, even if this version has foreign subtitles:


Stout Hearted Men; I wonder what the Muppets could have done with this. I hope this little bit of fun helps launch you into a very happy and wonderful new year.

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