So here it is, the end of the month, Halloween, and I’m taking a look back at the month for only one reason; commerce.

Do you know that, not counting this post, I’ve written 47 entries this month? Man, that’s astounding! At this pace I could hit that magic 300 number by early December, with a shot at ending the year barely under the figure of once a day posting.

Now the other side; how much money have I made off this blog from product sales; zero. Okay, I haven’t had hundreds of thousands of visitors, ’tis true, but this month I will have had almost 2,500 actual visitors, per Google Analytics, and I’m thinking that’s not sure a bad number. Every sales class I’ve ever taken says that you should average at least one sale per every 100 people that come your way; I’m nowhere near that.

Okay, I said I hadn’t sold a product; I’m not really sure if that’s true or not. I did have a couple of folks sign up for the $100 Million Dollar Challenge, and one sign up for Tweet My Blog, but I haven’t seen any indication that any funds have moved into my Paypal account. But that’s it.

So, in November, I’m going to mix it up just a little bit more. Every third post, on average that is, I’m going to post some kind of marketing item, talking about a product that I’m an affiliate with. Now, how am I going to manifest that? I’m not quite sure yet, as I’m just thinking about it off the top of my head. But I figure that I’ve been doing this for almost a year thus far, and I’ve made less money off my blog overall than $100 Million Dollar Challenge, who just started his blog two weeks ago. By the way, you should check it out; he’s kind of interesting reading, I must say.

Oh yeah; I’m probably going to add one of those tip jar programs to the blog also, just to see if anyone appreciates certain posts enough to say “hey, I’ll drop that guy a few dollars for that one”; vanity, thy name might be Mitch! Oh yeah, I can stomach sales; let’s hope some of you readers can also. But don’t worry; the sales isn’t going to get in the way of my other writing, including some more personal stuff and something else I just want to share with y’all; check the next post.

Of course, if you’d like to help put a couple of bucks in my pocket, while possibly learning how to make some money yourself, you can always go back and read my post on 20 Ways To Make $100 A Day, or just click on “Buy” below. Happy Halloween!

20 Ways To Make
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