My favorite Star Trek character of all time is Mr. Spock. Back in college, I used to have a quick temper. Then one night, while bowling, I threw a shot I didn’t like and punched a wall. I didn’t hurt myself, but suddenly my mind asked me ‘why did you hit that wall; it wasn’t going to help you get a strike.’ From that point on, I had total control of my emotions, I was a happier guy, and I started processing everything through my logical mind first instead of reacting to things. My grades got better, my friendships grew stronger, and my life was imminently more productive.

This post isn’t about that, though. This post is about an ambitious search engine project that began in 2006, and the site is called Spock. Its purpose isn’t like that of Google; their purpose was to try to create a search engine of people, to help you find people you were looking for on the web.

I had actually tried it some time ago when it was brand new, and wasn’t overly impressed back then, but I decided to give it another shot. I started out, oddly enough, not by looking for my own name, but for the name of a friend of mine who has an online presence. Spock came up with two references to him, one being the profile picture he has on his website, and the other being a picture of him between two Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders; lucky guy. However, that was it, except for a reference link to his name in the Syracuse area that’s obviously him; there weren’t any other people named anywhere in the world, and of course I’d find that incredibly impossible.

Next I put in my name, which is interesting because I can be found in many ways, or not found in many ways; how confusing does that sound? I first put in my real name, which none of you know, and I didn’t come up at all, which is surprising because I know it’s out there, as I can find it on Google.

Next I put in the name I use most of the time, that most people know me by, and I wasn’t found at all within the first 10 pages; that was disappointing. When I added the city where I live, I then had 3 references come up on me, but only links; oh yeah, most of the time when you find someone, it leads with an image of the person, then a little bit about them.

Finally I put in my business name, and I came up first there, without an image, which is odd because I thought my image on my bio page on my business blog would have come up. But there I was, so I clicked on the link for more, to see what it said about me. And it said very little; almost nothing extra, in fact, although it did give a link back to my business site.

Still, that was disappointing, so I thought I’d up the ante just a little bit and put in a relatively famous name here in America, that being Herschel Walker, the football standout who’s presently on Celebrity Apprentice. Here’s a guy with a big time American pedigree, but on Spock, very little about him, and the only image of him was a long distance shot of him as a running back when he played college football for Georgia.

Spock says it has an index of over 500 million names, but if you ask me, this is either still an experiment that has a long way to go, or an unfortunate waste of time. As I sit her now, I’m thinking to myself that this isn’t a great representation of my favorite Star Trek character of all time, and I’m wishing I had the kind of vision to purchase this domain name back in 2002 and figure out what to do with it myself. You can check the link above and see if your name comes up, and how, but except for curiosity sake, I wouldn’t bother.

Talking Kirk And Spock Bobble Head Set

Price – $28.00

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8 comments on “Spock

    • At least you found more stuff on you than I found on myself. Overall, kind of a waste of time.

  • I types in my wife’s name and nothing came up, then the area we live in. Surprisingly there was a quote from a newspaper from last years Madonna concert with her thoughts on the up and coming concert. Now that’s fuel for a wind up which I cant help but take advantage of.

    • A review for the Madonna concert, eh Khaled? LOL You’re right, if you can figure out a way to use it to your advantage, then by all means.

  • My name is too common to come up in search engines. But my old email addresses pull up some interesting info, dating back from comments I made on websites 10 years ago, back in the day when they posted your email.

    ~ Kristi

    • I put in my email and it offered me the opportunity to sign up for some type of service; no information at all. Not fair! 😀

  • John Dilbeck says:

    Good evening, Mitch.

    I searched for “John Dilbeck” and I was at the top of the list. I didn’t know there were that many people with my relatively rare name.

    When I clicked the link, it took me to a page to sign up for something, but no information.

    Won’t be going back to that one.

    Like you, I’m a huge fan of Mr. Spock, since he’s responsible for me learning how to program computers in the first place.

    Act on your dream!


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