A month and a half ago I wrote a post lamenting the WordPress.com login process. I thought that maybe I’d figured things out and that I was good to go.

Unfortunately, it seems that once you put a new email address in with an existing name, even if you used an email address that you didn’t set up on Gravatar it eventually figures things out and then starts asking you for a password if it’s the second time you’re commenting on that particular blog. Frankly, having to login every time I visit a blog is a bother to me, and it’s something I’ve talked about in the past.

So, I’ve decided that, except for a couple of really close friends, I’m done trying. I now have to add WordPress.com to the same list as Blogger, Disqus, and all those other comment system types that would rather control how people comment on blogs rather than help encourage people to blog. I think it’s a shame because I use to help promote WordPress.com as a great option for people to use that wanted a free blog with nothing getting in the way.

I would talk about why I don’t want to log into blogs every time I visit them, but I’ve done that already in the past so I’m not talking about it again. I will say this though. While it may seem like a great idea to try to reduce spam by having people log in, not everyone that comments on blogs sees this as a viable option. I visit way too many blogs and comments on way too many blogs to have to continually login all the time.

So, those of you that have WordPress.com blogs, if this is a deal breaker for you I understand. We all have our standards, and this is mine.

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