Sometimes It’s Not Your Fault

I now have my main computer back. I brought it home Friday, and started putting stuff back onto it Friday night. Through most of the day Saturday, I started adding more stuff, but I was testing each thing I put on just to see if it was all working. I even felt comfortable enough Saturday night that I decided to play a little bit of online poker. This was after we got home from an art show that a friend of mine, Isaac Bidwell, had in Oswego, NY at the Arts Association.

Around 1:30 in the morning, when I was nearing the end of my poker tournament (and sitting in 4th place, no less), I started to notice that my browser wasn’t working properly. Rather, none of the pages I was trying to load were coming up. I was irked, to say the least, and ended up bombing out of my tournament in 3rd place (it still paid off; play money, but hey, I’ll take what I can get) because I was distracted by it all. I made an assumption that I was having problems because my wife, who would normally have been asleep, was on the laptop in the other room checking email, and maybe we were on the same ISP. But when she finally shut down, I still couldn’t get on, so I shut down for the night myself, thinking maybe the computer would be better this morning.

Nope; didn’t work. So I start doing all the stuff I know how to do: unplug and re-plug back in the modem; cmd – ipconfig stuff; turning off firewall from new Panda software. Nothing worked. Then I decided to make sure it wasn’t just my computer, so I hooked the laptop up to the other cable (I pay for 2 ISP addresses) and it wasn’t working either. Now I knew it wasn’t my computer, but something with Road Runner instead.

I called them up, and the first woman was no help at all. She kicks me up to technical support (who was I talking to the first time, then, since I thought she was technical support?), and this woman has me disconnect both the cable modem and my Linksys router. After 30 seconds she asks me to hook everything back up and turn on the computer; wa-la! Internet is back and all looks great. I go to the other room and all is successful; yay!

One still always should do some of their own diagnostics before calling the company first, but sometimes it really doesn’t have to do with anything of ours. I’m glad also; I need that Panda firewall.

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2 comments on “Sometimes It’s Not Your Fault

  • Yay!!!!! So it’s great to know that it’s not your computer, especially since you just got it back from being fixed. I will always have to remember that too…I actually hate having to call them…sometimes it’s more hassle and just easier to do it ourselves.

  • True Amber, but for those times when we can’t do it ourselves, it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who might be able to help.

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