This is something I don’t often do, but I decided to look at my monthly stats and post some items here, though I’m probably not going to post all the numbers that I could. However, the month has shown me some very interesting things.

For one, when I first signed up on Twitter, it seemed to help my blog grow, and my visitors doubled for awhile there. Supposedly, this past month, my readership jumped again, but Twitter had nothing to do with it, as the number of people who came from Twitter dropped drastically; not sure why, other than Twitter had lots of problems this past month.

What made my blog jump seems to be StumbleUpon, which is strange to me because not only do I not have an account there, but I’ve never even been to the website to see what it’s all about. So, that was a major surprise. The second surprise is that, according to Google Analytics, the second highest number of visitors came to the blog directly, no referral source. That’s actually pretty good because it means repeat visitors are coming back for more; that’s a good thing. Maybe they’re not commenting all that often, but they are coming back to look at stuff; thanks folks! And the third highest referrer is my business blog; thanks me!

And, it would seem that the people coming from my business blog are the most serious readers, or viewers at least, spending an average of 4 minutes and 16 seconds here. Hey, I try to write interesting content as much as possible. The overall average time on the site for the month is a minute and 48 seconds, which is about how long it should take the average reader to read one post, so that’s not bad either.

I’m not even getting into the business of talking about how much money I’m making here per month because, well, I don’t want anyone laughing, and I don’t want to cry.

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