Some Random Sunday Things

I’ve been on quite a clip lately in writing this blog, my other blogs, other people’s blogs and all the articles I’ve been writing as well. I could have taken today off, and I kind of am because this is a quick hitter to mention a few things that have entertained or mentioned me lately.

The first is another online radio interview I did with Beverly Mahone of Boomer Diva Nation, the same group that named me as one of the top Baby Boomer Men of 2010. I thank her for that, and I hope to be able to live up to it for the year. Here’s the interview, which you can download as a MP3.

The second is both an honor and some confusion, I guess. I was listed on Not A Pro Blog by Jordan Cooper as one of the 20 Bloggers To Watch Out For In A Back Alley (at least I was; seems the actual Problogger bought this particular blog in April 2010, so the rest of this paragraph makes little sense, but I’m leaving it here anyway).

There’s a video that picks on 20 of us guys, but when he gets to me he compares me to Magilla Gorilla. I missed the reference, my wife isn’t happy for some reason (probably that “equating a black man with a gorilla thing), but I like that I got a mention anyway. I’d have commented on his blog but he has Disqus, and you know how I feel about that, so I figure he’ll see the trackback. His blog is pretty good, and I subscribe to it, so go ahead and check it out.

The third is just a bit of funny that I saw that I wanted to pop up here, though I’m not sure I’m really allowed to do. If I’m contacted, I’ll take it back down, but I’ll get a bit of fun out of it first. This is how you take someone’s power away when they don’t really have it to begin with. I wish I could have thought of saying stuff like this back to people when I was a kid; now I don’t have to deal with such things. I bring you Get Fuzzy:

Finally, some quick football picks. I’m obviously not the best guy at picking games, but I’ll have my fun with it anyway. In the AFC, I expect Indianapolis to win big, but I’m pulling for the NY Jets. They have to be the emotional pick in this game, and all week we’ve been evoking the memories of Broadway Joe here in NY state. In the NFC, man, I really don’t care since my Cowboys lost, but since I have to make a pick I’m going with New Orleans, though for no particular reason.

Indianapolis versus Minnesota would have way more back stories to tell, and the networks would love the Manning vs. Favre comparisons, and of course that game would easily draw in more visitors and make more money than a Jets versus Saints Super Bowl, but most of the world will watch no matter who’s playing, and I’ll have a legitimate betting interest in the game then (Scott, get ready!). By the way, the Jets prove why you play these games rather than just anoint the teams that should be there. No one saw the Jets making it this far with a rookie QB and new coach; fantastic stuff.

That’s it; a “short post” that ended up being more than 500 words anyway. Enjoy your Sunday y’all!

10 thoughts on “Some Random Sunday Things”

  1. You don’t look like a Magilla Gorilla and no you’re not allowed to do that. Not without permission any way. 🙂
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..How to Use Google Wonder Wheel =-.

  2. Hey Mitch! I’m glad you appreciated the mention even though I poked fun at you a bit. You only roast the ones you love though – always enjoy reading your stuff I’ve got you securely subscribed in my feed reader.

    The Magilla Gorilla comparison (albeit a very outdated reference) was just the first thing I thought of when I saw your photo. I never really thought of it as a racial thing… just like when I compared Julien Smith to Marc Anthony.

    Also, it would have been much different if you didn’t actually look big and lovable (like Magilla Gorilla). I think then your wife would be justified in her comment because the reference would then simply be “equating a black man to a gorilla”.

    I hope you (and your wife) understand that in no way was I looking to offend in that capacity. The video was just a fun & humorous way to highlight 20 bloggers I read regularly.
    .-= Jordan Cooper´s last blog ..20 Bloggers To Watch Out For In A Back Alley =-.

    1. Hi Jordan,

      I knew you were having a bit of fun, and so I didn’t get upset, though I didn’t understand it initially. I think spouses will react differently, going into protection mode; if it had been reversed I probably would have thought as she did. It does show how sensitive the topic of race can be sometimes, as you know.

      I appreciated being named; I hope to continue justifying it.

  3. I once knew a guy who happened to be quite tall and he also happened to drive a Mazda Miata [when they first came out]. I compared him to Magilla Gorilla because of the image is conjured up. He was white, uh, is white.

    I like that you threw caution to the wind with the Get Fuzzy cartoon. I would at least link to its origin, though. 😉 Just a thought.

    Funny how those ‘short’ posts can take on a life of their own. Glad you were having a good time!
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..How to Rid Yourself of Negativity and Let the Happiness Inside =-.

    1. Thanks Anne. You know, I thought about linking back to the site, but then I figured that was a sure fire way of alerting the media that I’d done it. Well, that plus I know it’s already gone, as I got it from Yahoo, and they change the cartoons daily.

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