As y’all know by now, I download and read a lot of stuff. Some of it I pay for, and some of it I get for free. It’s a good thing I’m a speed reader, because I’m still often left without enough time to even get to a lot of it, let alone have time to read it all.

In any case, this is the year of learning more about affiliate marketing and, hopefully, making more money off my blog and my websites. But, as I stated in my post about learning affiliate marketing together, I’m not all about me. I’d like to share some things with you as I can, and hopefully all of us will become great successes.

To whit, I want to share the first series of ebooks I’ve gone through regarding different aspects of affiliate marketing, in some fashion at least. All of these books offer free redistribution rights, so I’m not violating any copyright laws or stealing from anyone. And, in this case, I’m offering the books without setting up something to capture emails for marketing purposes, though I don’t make a promise not to do it in the future at some point.

In this case, I just want to share, but I am going to offer this caveat. If you’re already doing a lot of things, you may not pick up much from any of these ebooks. Also, you will see some repetition in what some of these folks are saying; turns out that it’s a lot like everyone blogging about making money online. We tend to eventually say some of the same things over and over, just in a slightly different way.

So, here we go, in no particular order; right click to download:

Affiliate Marketers Handbook

Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

Affiliate Software Pro and PLR Article Pro

Big Affiliate Marketing Pay Days

Blogging Interview – Jason Katzenback

Easy Clickbank Cash

E-Books Profit Pulling Powerhouse

How To Bookmark For Free Traffic

Don’t say I’ve never given y’all anything! 🙂

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