The video file to the webinar I did, along with Renee Scherer of Presentations Plus, is now for sale. We’re only charging $19.99 for it, and it’s about 84 minutes of material that talks about different social media sites and ways to use it for business purposes, optimizing your site for all the visitors you’re going to hopefully drive to your site and ways to keep your site fresh, and other business ideas that you may never have considered.

This video is obviously mostly for novices, but who knows, maybe there’s something some of you aren’t all that sure about that you’d like to see if I cover it or not. Either way, this means there’s now another product in the coffers, and pretty soon it’ll also be on one of my sidebars. The big time marketers say it’s all about creating your own products; here’s my shot at it.

And, even if you’re not interested, share the knowledge about it with folks you think might be interested; I’ll thank you for it in advance.

Social Media, SEO & Your Business in 90 Minutes
Webinar presented by Mitch Mitchell
& Renee Scherer

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