After a series of fairly long posts this one’s going to be short, for me, as I introduce you to something I just discovered.

It’s a website called SnagFilms, and basically it’s a site that’s collected all sorts of documentaries about almost anything you can imagine. I can’t even remember how I found the site, but it’s been somewhat fascinating to check out.

These aren’t a series of short, 10 minute documentaries though. These are full length videos; the embed below, for instance, is just a sample of a documentary on Madonna that’s actually an hour and 7 minutes long. There’s also 4 documentaries on Madonna; guess she’s been around long enough to accrue at least that many documentaries about her. lol

I watched another one about China’s “lost girls”, talking about how many Chinese just ditch girls because they want boys and they try to dodge the state rule of only being allowed to have one child. I’m not getting into it further, but just wanted to show that there are lots of videos on different topics.

It’s too bad you can’t download these files; at least I haven’t found a way to do it, because I’d burn them to DVDs and watch on the big screen TV instead. Still, it’s nice knowing this is here and if you’re looking for something specific, you just might find it here.

Watch more free documentaries

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27 comments on “SnagFilms

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Glad to have found it Scott; stunned me when I did. I still wish I could download though. lol

  • Hey Mitch,
    Thanks for the resource here. I am always looking for new informative sites to visit.

    I seldom watch T.V. anymore because I am on the web so much so this would be convenient as well.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Glad it works for you Justin. I do watch TV and I’m not ashamed to mention it. I also watch lots of documentaries; just finished watching one on Tunguska. Love these things.

  • Female foeticide and infanticide is quite common in India too because of the scourge of the ancient custom and tradition of dowry. It is being brought down by various means, but you can just google for the subject and will be amazed at the numbers of entries that you will find.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      It’s just amazing Rummuser that we’ve reached the 21st century and there are still so many antiquated ideas. It saddens me at times, makes me angry at other times, but there’s nothing I can do.

  • Looks interesting. Thanks Mitch, I’ve bookmarked it. By the way, I recently saw an add on – a new one, I think – in Firefox that downloads videos from anything apparently! Maybe have a look for that?

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      I’ll have to see if I can find it Val. The one I have lets me get videos from YouTube, but that’s it.

  • Nice one Mitch, never heard of it before, but looks quite interesting. Actually you can download the movies with Firefox add-on, technically from any website that have flash videos.

      • It is called “Ant Video Downloader”, very fast and rarely crash. Also the quality remains good, I am using it for quite a while.

  • Andrew Walker says:

    Hi Mitch!
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s a nice info. I’ve always watched videos either from YouTube or DailyMotion. Now, this is another great additional!

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Heck. I downloaded yours and gave it a try & it didn’t work on that site, but in the process it’s totally shut down the one I was using for YouTube. Sigh… well, hopefully I’ll be able to get it back.

      • Mitch Mitchell says:

        That’s okay, it’s on me. It totally rewrote the script I had been using so I had to go search for an update that, luckily, existed. Course, it took me 30 minutes to figure that out. lol

  • In case it’s missing, my comment is ‘awaiting moderation’ so it might be hiding in your spam filter. I’ve given a couple of links to download add ons on Firefox. I hope one or both help! 🙂

  • Cool find! Documentary films though sometimes I found boring to watch due to its long length, I still learned a lot from the topics. It’s the untold stories that are interesting. 🙂

  • This sounds like something that will be consuming a lot of my time, now that I know about it. Have you heard of the Teaching Company? They sell video and audio recordings of college professors giving lectures on every topic you can imagine. It’s like taking the course at home. They can be expensive if you buy new, but there are always plenty for sale on eBay.

    Thanks, Mitch.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Charles, I ordered something for my wife through them, and now I get something from them once every 2 weeks. It’s neat stuff but I don’t go to B&N that often. lol

  • Cristian Balau says:

    Its says the film I’m trying to watch is unavailable is this global or only for my country?

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      I don’t know Cristian. I’ve assumed it was good in the United States and Europe, but I could be wrong. Then again, I’m not sure where you are.

  • Amy @Glitec Loans says:

    I visited the snagfilms website out of curiosity that I found in your post! You’re right! It’s all in one website, from movies, music, food, celebrities – name it, it’s there! This one works for me. Thanks for sharing!
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  • I’d found Snagfilmsabout a year ago and loved it.
    However-lately I’ve not beeen able to get onto the site…It’s very frustrating. There’s some new ROKU addition to it for tv.
    I don’t own a tv so it’s useless to me.
    Too bad the site is having problems. I really enjoy documentaries.

    • Sorry you’re having problems with it Pati. I just checked the link & it came up fine for me. Maybe it’s the speed of your connection, but I really don’t know. I hope you’ll be able to get it again soon, since it’s wonderful stuff.

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