Here’s the scenario. Y’all know I’ve been writing for other people lately. It’s been bringing in some cash, which is always nice, and if I can actually start getting more for my writing this could turn into a different career direction for me. I’m enjoying it a lot.

However, sometimes it doesn’t go perfectly. This one guy asked me to write 20 articles on quitting smoking. So I did all this research, and came up with 20 articles on why people should quit smoking, including a couple of fairly long ones.

I sent him a couple for approval, which is how I handle everyone I write for who asks for multiples, and he writes back that he only wanted things that specifically talked about quitting smoking and nothing else. Well, you know me; I wrote everything kind of related to this venture of trying to quit smoking, such as why it’s hard, certain drugs, ways to quit, groups that need to quit, information about nicotine, etc. To me, it all went together. He didn’t dispute that, said he liked what I’d written in those two articles, but said he already had articles on the other stuff.

At that point I decided I would keep the entire package for myself and either resell them to someone else or use them for myself. I’ve decided to use them for myself, and thus, I have created a new niche website called Smoke Not So Much. It’s an informational website against smoking, but of course it also talks about why it’s hard and gives hints on how to quit.

My wife helped me decide on the colors, and away I went. It’s not totally done yet. I’ve had the domain name for about two weeks now, and finally last night said I just wanted to get all the initial pages completed and uploaded. I have done little internal linking; that’ll come later. I’ve got my Adsense up, and one product on each page, which I’ll be adding to for those longer pages. And I have a disclaimer page, where I put an email address where I could be reached.

Here’s the thing. We always wonder just how many pages a site needs to be up and running. This one has 22 pages, though only 20 of them are actual information. I think that’s fine to get started, and I can always add to it as I go along. Of course, if I get too many pages, I’ll probably have to change the menu on the side in some way, as I’m not sure listing 50 pages on the left side would be preferable to too many people. But for now, it’s up, running, and it might even make a dollar or two.

Oh, if you’re wondering about the name,… you wouldn’t believe how many names I tried to find a domain name for quitting smoking. I went nuts, and couldn’t think of anything. So my wife came up with 10 names, and out of those 10, only two were available, and this is one of them. So, it’s not a perfect domain name, but who knows, since so many people these days say “not so much”, it could work.

Let’s find out.

Cigarrest to Stop Smoking in 7 Days!

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