By the time you see this post I should have been delivering information on social media marketing for about 2 hours. If you’re on Twitter early this afternoon, you might even see me throwing out a general hello to show the people there how it all works, and hopefully you’ll say hello to the group so they can be royally impressed by how friendly people who I’m connected with there can be.

Outline Sunrise
Outline Sunrise
by A. G. Conrad

Since you’re reading this, it means you’re not at the event. I thought, therefore, that I would just throw out some of the highlights I’m talking about based on my outline. No big details here; that’s because I’m still doing the next workshop in August. But this is the direction I’m going in today.

I’m starting out talking about general concepts of social media marketing; what it is, how it can help one’s business, etc. I’m going to talk about social media in general, the past and the present, not so much the future because there’s things that show up on a weekly basis that just amaze me. I will be talking about the concept of social media 3.0, however, which I have to admit is somewhat scary to me in many ways, being a distrusting baby boomer. I’m going to throw in some statistics that I hope will blow people’s minds, such as YouTube averaging 123 million views a day.

Then I’m going to talk about some components of social media marketing, of which I came up with 9, though if someone else was doing this I’m sure they’d come up with more. My components are: publicity; outreach; branding; cause marketing; marketing & sales; public relations; search engine optimization; reputation management and communicating with customers. I will give an example for each of these to help highlight my points. Then I’m going to talk about the positives and negatives of social media marketing; trust me, there are plenty of each.

Finally I’m going to get into more meat on specific things, starting with LinkedIn, which, as you know from a couple of days ago, I feel is the most important thing for business people to get into. I’ll follow that up with email marketing, Twitter, blogging, audio and visual media, which was yesterday’s topic, YouTube and finally Facebook. Then I’ll have some closing comments on it all.

If all goes well, this presentation will go between 5 and 5 1/2 hours, and everyone will have a good idea of how to begin setting up their own social media marketing system. Some people, if they remember to bring their laptops, will end the day with accounts set up in at least half of the things I’m going to talk about; after all, why set someone up on YouTube if they don’t have a video to upload, right? And I hope to make it fun while making it educational. I was going to throw my parrot pictures into the mix and tell jokes, but Renée asked me not to do it, so I won’t. Okay, that’s a lie; she didn’t ask me not do, and I figure if I need ice breakers along the way I’ll just toss them in there. 🙂

Now you know what you’re missing, and if you’re local, hopefully you’ll be able to make the August 22nd workshop. If not, well, maybe one of these days we’ll record some aspects of this, or we’ll put it down in a book and sell it somewhere. I can’t see me doing 5 hours online; I think I’d go nuts. Wish me luck; oh yeah, too late for that.

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